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What is Uber Freight?


Moving goods and products has never been easy but with the introduction of Freight, this idea is changing. Logistics has always been an issue for various industries but what is Uber Freight? Well, Uber freight is brings state of the art of technology to combat various industries issues.

It provides a meaningful resolution to both shippers and carriers. In addition to it, you also get a greater degree of transparency in the whole process. Lastly, it comes with a lot more opportunities for everybody.

Let us look at what Uber Freight has to offer to shippers and carriers.


  • Tracking Freight

As Uber Freight works towards the injection of technology into the Freight business, shippers can now track their Freights. They have the option of tracking the shipments in real-time with the help of the app.

Moreover, the shippers will also get notifications for any major milestone being achieved en route. The best thing about it is that the shippers will no longer need to go through each message in their inbox to find it.



  • Document Management

It is pretty easy to mess up documents when you carry a lot of goods. But with the help of Uber Freight, you can streamline document management. Once the shipment reaches its intended target, all the required documents, as well as paperwork, get organized automatically.

As these documents are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed in the future with ease. Hence, the entire process becomes hassle-free and more coordinated.

  • Tender a Load

Booking a shipment has always been a tedious and long process but not anymore. With the help of Uber Freight, you can now tender a load with a tap of a few buttons. It reduces both time and energy for a shipper as everything is being done through the app.

  • Access to Uber Freight’s Network

Reliable drivers and carriers are other perks. This gives more confidence to the shippers and also attracts them to use Uber Freight and its network more often.



  • Pricing Transparency

Pricing has always been a cause of concern for carriers but with the help of Uber Freight, this issue is resolved. Here, you will get upfront pricing options and more clarity on payment procedures. This information becomes important when making business decisions, something carriers do on a daily basis.

  • Searching for Loads

The Uber Freight app comes with a number of options for filtering and searching for loads. Here, you can search a load by various conditions including rate per mile, deadhead, weight-based preference and price, among other things. In addition, they also use length of haul, location, and trailer type to look for loads.

  • Booking a Load

Booking loads has also become easier with the Uber Freight app. All they need to do is tap the load and view the details. Once they agree to it, all they have to do is navigate to the bottom of the page and hit the ‘Book Load’ option.

Once it is done you can check all the loads including past, present and future loads under the ‘My Loads’ section.


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