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What is Uber Freight?


Uber Freight Explained

uber freight

Uber Freight has a network of 40,000 plus truck drivers along with 1,000 plus shippers. Depending on your requirements, you can hire a truck or convoy of trucks just by registering on Uber Freight app. Secondly, let them know about your requirements.

The Uber Freight app has been designed such that it minimizes the requirement for the Shipper to search for truckers manually. It helps truck drivers get work regularly. This approach was started by Uber in 2017 and 2018, it was deemed as a separate business unit.

Depending on your requirement and needs, you can select the kind and size of truck you will need.  Accordingly, Uber Freight arranges a similar vehicle Based on your requirements.



Heard about Uber freight? If not, after going through this content, you will get an insight into what it actually is.

Uber Freight is an approach by Uber where the company connects truck drivers to shippers. Fundamentally, helps them in a smoother  transportation and flow of business. Uber Freight makes it easy for a shipper to get a truck to load the cargo. Finally, deliver it to the destination or even drop the cargo to the port from the pick-up location.

Truck driver experience

As a truck driver, you could earn money from transporting shipments regularly and as a customer, you can get your work done without having to worry about the transportation of the Shipment.  Uber Freight is very reliable and secure in terms of transporting your cargo and has teams of reliable truck drivers. Some are not professionally truck drivers, some are just passionate drivers.

Understanding the truck driving experience is somewhat not as easy as it may seem. A truck driver has to take up several responsibilities especially with the different kinds of cargo being delivered to and fro the ports. Time is a very crucial factor when it comes to transportation with Uber Freight as they stand by timely pick and drop of shipments.

The daily life of a truck driver is not as easy and simple as it seems, it comes with several responsibilities and many other factors that need to be taken care of.


Exploring a Truck Driver’s Life

Here is an amazing video that gives a sneak peek into the daily life of a trucker. Ideally, a truck driver’s day begins early. He wakes up, does the daily household chores, prepares food for the day and sometimes even for a couple of days if the shipment is supposed to be delivered to a far off place.

The trucker prepares his meals and boxes them in air-tight containers to keep them fresh throughout the travel journey. After, he walks or takes his vehicle to the truck stand where he picks up the truck for loading. While at the truck stand, the trucker firstly checks on every part of the truck to ensure that the truck is fit for the journey. The engine, tires and all the locking mechanisms need to be checked before it is decided by the trucker if the truck would be suitable for the purpose.

After picking up the truck, the trucker visits the location from which the load or the cargo needs to be picked and then he carefully loads to cargo on his truck. Then, the journey begins towards the destination and ensures that he is running on time to ensure that, no matter what, he never misses the timelines.


On his way, he goes to a local kiosk and freshens up to begin the big day and repeat the chores right from the start. Seems a very happening day, isn’t it? It does. Sounds like one of the busiest schedules for a profession where time is money as they say.


The only break time

Sometimes on his way, he even prepares some tea on the induction which he has set on his truck. This is the only time that he gets to relax while he pursues his passion as well as his professional venture. It takes almost half the day for him most of the time to reach the destined location and drop off the cargo. From there a new journey begins. Half his life he spends on his truck.

Uber Freight And Truck Drivers

Uber freight ensures the satisfaction of the customers as well as the wellbeing of the truck drivers and ensures that they are able to make ends meet. As almost 2/3rd part of a truck driver’s day is spent in a truck.  Therefore, he ensures that all the equipment that he might need for his day to day travel are the truck. Uber freight has been designed such that there is no scope of complaint.  Secondly, as several truck drivers. Lastly, they ensure that they can deliver in time and reap the benefits of the timely drop-off.

Compared to several other companies and apps, Uber Freight considers the wellbeing of both parties. And makes sure that both the driver and the customer are satisfied with their end of the bargain.  Of course , Uber Freight takes their cut for initiation of a good work relationship. One of the many things that make the life of a trucker beautiful. Undoubtedly, are each journey’s scenic beauty of the roads. Lastly, spending there days on the road is where they find happiness and peace of mind.

Uber Freight can be used both by the trucker and the customer by simply registering in the app. In a similar way, as we book a ride on Uber you can book an Uber Freight. For instance a ride to get to your shipment.


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