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What Are The Best Rest Areas In New York?


Truckers have a hard life as they have to be on the road for a long time. The same goes for the truck, which is also running for long hours. So at the end of the day, they will need a place to rest. This is the reason truckers look for areas where they can keep the trucks safely parked. Truckers consider a lot of factors before choosing the right place for themselves and their trucks. So, What Are The Best Rest Areas In New York? Let’s find out.

Things to Consider While Choosing Rest Stops

What Are The Best Rest Areas In New York?

  • Distance from highway

The distance from the highway is essential because it helps them understand how long it will take to reach the rest stops and vice-versa.

  • Amenities

Amenities like food, shower, sleeping area, and the likes are factors that play an essential role in decision making. So, drivers tend to check the facilities available before choosing for the right place.

  • Parking space

Trucks come in different shapes and sizes. The truckers have to be careful of the parking space they will get for their vehicles. Therefore, the truckers ensure that resting places have sufficient parking space.

There are a lot of aspects truckers have to check before committing to a rest area. Let us look at some of the best places in New York for truckers to have some rest.

Best Rest Areas in New York

New York Thruway Rest Stops

New York Thruway rest stops are well-renowned areas that truckers have been using for a long time. Recently it was also mentioned that apart from the amenities they provide, NY Thruway rest stops are also coming up with fitness areas. This is a boost for truckers who like to keep themselves fit, irrespective of their busy schedules.

The rest stops in the area are also trying to increase the capacity of the existing parking space. Recently, they renovated their existing plazas to give the truckers a better experience. They are trying to eye for a capacity of 150-parking-space, which would help the truckers park their trucks with ease.

In addition, NY Thruway rest stops always had facilities like shower and laundry service for the truckers. With the renovation in progress, they are trying to welcome more truckers by increasing more services to them for a better experience. In addition to these services, snacks are always available for the truckers.

In terms of food availability, the truckers have an option to place food orders which they can pick up from the drive-thru. Moreover, they also have seating arrangements where drivers can come and have their meals. Additionally, there are food trucks available that add to the options for truckers to enjoy a sumptuous dinner or lunch.

These rest stops are building a lot of new features like climate-controlled areas that will be dedicated to pets. Additionally, there are rest stops in this area where you can also stay the nights. But these are proper hotels with excellent amenities and not motels.

Marina Harbor Areas

Marina Harbor area on Staten Island has come up with new rest stops in the area, along with the existing ones. The rest stops play a crucial role as the cross country drivers tend to rest here more. The Global Container Terminal area is the go-to place for the truckers.

The rest stops here have been rather careful with the needs of the drivers. As the drivers travel from one end of the country to the other, most of the rest stops here have dedicated repairing areas. This helps the trucker to fix any issue that the trucks may have. There are more than 30 rest stops in the area, and new ones are added, with most of them having servicing facilities.

Also, the rest stops in this area have gas stations. These gas stations are useful for truckers who want to fill up their tank and get on the road as well as those who want to fill up the gas before parking. The fuel price for the trucks is also on the lower side, which is a benefit for the trucker.

Keeping the needs of a trucker in mind, many rest stops in the area have come up with convenience stores. The truckers spend a lot of time on the road. So picking up essentials can be a tricky prospect. Therefore, the convenience stores give them the option of collecting necessary items for the road. Also, there are some coffee shops available for them along with eateries like Grab n Go.

Bronx Area

The Bronx area in New York is an essential area for truckers, all thanks to the services they offer. The rest stops here have kept the fuel prices in check at the gas stations. This price revolves around $2.56 for diesel and $2 for gasoline. This helps the truckers fill up the tanks and also keep some in the reserves.

Truckers are made to feel at home at the rest stops, with various amenities on offer. Showers are one of the most important ones. Here, the rest stops offer showers to the truckers at a cheap rate with clean soap. The linen is also changed regularly so that the drivers can use fresh linens.

There are a lot of on-the-go options for the truckers when it comes to food. Given that this area is always busy, a lot of the rest stops have drive-ins and drive-thrus. They offer the drivers to place orders beforehand so that they do not waste any time waiting for their food.

Additionally, the rest stops around these areas have ATMs and vast parking spaces. This becomes useful for drivers passing through the Bronx. These areas can accommodate a lot of trucks and have proper parking guidance so that no trucks have to face any hindrance while parking.

The ATMs are perfect for the drivers who have been and will be traveling for a long time. They can withdraw cash easily here so that they don’t have to stop in the middle of nowhere to refuel their wallets.


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