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Trucker Path App


As the Apple store describes it, the Trucker Path app is North America’s most favorite app for truckers. Rightfully so because this is a free app with a whole lot of features.

Trucker Path App has been designed specifically for truck drivers in the US and Canada. The fact that more than 800,000 truckers have acknowledged and preferred this app over the others, makes it an interesting solution!

This truck app hosts more than 7,000 truckstops in the US and Canada. This is how powerful and popular this app is.



What Are Some Of The Features Of This App?

  • Truckstops

Look for truck stops across North America with reviews from fellow truckers. In addition, you could also filter out rest stops and likes.

  • Parking facilities

This app helps you find the best parking spot for your truck. Information related to real-time parking availability proves to be very useful for drivers.

  • Find weigh stations

If you need to weigh the goods in your truck, look into this app for the best solutions for you and find out which stations are open or closed.

  • Gas stations

Gas station information is priceless when you are driving the truck on the deserted highway. Compare prices of fuel and reach the closest gas station quickly based on the app information.

  • Trip planner

Before setting out on your journey, get the maximum benefit from the trip planner in this app. Easily find the toll-free routes or the low clearance bridges for the best GPS route.

  • Trucker’s forum

This app also acts as a forum for all truckers, thus, enabling them to share tips, experiences, route suggestions, and the likes.

  • Truck purchase information

If you are on the lookout to buy the next truck for your collection, this app would be perfect. You get access to information like local dealers in this area and vehicles that are best suited to your needs.

  • Tools and services for truckers

Apart from using the navigation facilities and services, truckers could also benefit from other services. These include truck and trailer washes, truck purchase financing, fuel plans, truck maintenance ideas, and the likes.

  • Career options

This app also hosts a section to help enthusiasts started with their career as a truck driver.


What Truckers Say About The App

“I use this religiously. Great app that helps me plan a trip.”

“I’ve been using this app for years and it’s the best.”

“The app is getting smoother since the major update, most bugs and crashes had been solved.”

“They used the app to find parking, scales, and rest areas, not to mention restaurants especially when they take the kids.”

The Trucker Path app has undergone major updates over the last few weeks. All thanks to these updates, the app is fixing the small bugs and issues present in the tool. For instance, adding multiple stops to the trip is one such update. In addition, receiving push notifications for weigh stations is another useful new feature.

What are your views on this? Have you ever used the Trucker Path App? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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