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Trucker Date


Trucker date would you date a trucker? Dating is all about commitment and spending time with your loved ones, which can be tough when dating a trucker. In this article, we will discuss some of the challenges which one can face while dating a trucker.


Challenges of Dating a Trucker

• Lonely in Long Distance

Given the life of a trucker, they are destined to be on the road for an extended period of time. This, in hindsight, means that their relationships somehow turn into long-distance ones over time. It means that they  have to be ready for a arch relationship. In which they might not see their loved ones for a long period of time.

• Irritable Schedules

The life of a trucker is never constant just like their schedules, which can turn out to be a major issue for their love life. Therefore, the partners find it hard to make plans around their schedules because the timings are erratic.

Moreover, their schedules depend on a number of criteria including driving conditions, weather and road safety among others, which contributes to their irregular presence in the life of their partners.

• Out of Sight, out of Mind

Having trust in your partner is important but if you ask the partner of a trucker, their answer could be different. Given their job, truckers travel on lonely roads for extended periods of time.

It is here they might end up hooking with people while their partners wait at home, which is why many truck drivers are known to be promiscuous. Hence, their partners are often known to have trust issues.

• Tough Life

The life of a trucker is hard and tough which makes dating even harder. They have erratic sleeping schedules and they go for periods when they don’t even take showers. These are things that are not normal to common people but this is how truckers live as everything depends on their pick up and delivery schedules.


Best Dating Apps for Truckers

Trucker date yes it is possible. As the life of a trucker is tough. Consequently, many of them are moving to the online dating scene. Here are some of the best online dating apps for truckers.

• Meet a Trucker

This site provides free membership which includes profile creation, browsing prospective profiles and sending winks and kisses virtually. Given it is a part of the Online Connections network, your profile is sure to pop on all of its properties.
• Date Truckers
This site allows you to register for free and allows truckers to browse profiles, view photos and most importantly flirt which prospective profiles. The best thing about the site is that your profile will be featured on the homepage under the Fresh New Profile Section.

• Single Truckers

This site gives the truckers a variety of profiles to choose from. In order to get the right date for you, all that is required to do is provide your date of birth, your gender, the gender of the prospective date, provide your email and choose a screen name and Voila!! You are all set to get your date.

As we conclude, it is obvious that the life of a trucker is tough, but the online dating options for them are the silver lining they have been waiting for.

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