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Truck Stops Near Me With Showers


Being on the road for months at a stretch is not an easy job. Especially when you are stuck behind the steering wheel of a truck. You start missing the home and all the comfort that it offers. A cozy comfortable bed, a sizzling hot cup of coffee, and most of all a shower. For truckers who do the long hauls, maintaining personal hygiene is extremely important as at times they are the face of their company for the client. This is when you start searching for truck stops near me with showers.

In such a scenario, truck stops are a sight for sore eyes. From being the place to fuel up, eat and use the restroom, truck stops have now turned into full-blown engagement spots with casinos, churches, theaters, and more.

How To Choose The Best Truck Stop For You

truck stops

  1. Look for the company-owned truck stops

While there will be several independently run truck stops along the way, choosing the one which is owned and run by companies has an extra advantage. These stops offer fuel, servicing, food, and many more services for your convenience.

  1. Make a list of your requirements

You must make a list of chores and things you want to do before finalizing on a truck stop option. Some stops offer dental and medical examinations along with the regular services.

  1. Importance of parking lot

While you will be busy resting or taking a shower at the stop, your truck must be parked safely. Hence opting for a truck stop with a wider parking lot is extremely necessary.

Every truck route has several truck-stops and it is quite easy to pick one. Now let us have a look at some of the top great spots.

Best Truck Spots With Showers

  1. Pilot Flying J

One of the largest operators in the United States, Pilot Flying J is present in over 750 locations across 44 states. The chain has several stores and options to pick up pre-packaged food at some of their locations via their PJ Fresh Marketplace.

You can pre-book the parking space online. You can also opt for the loyalty program and earn points for purchasing products, fuel, and other services. These points can be redeemed later for showers, WiFi, etc. Find out more about their locations here.

  1. TA and Petro

A full-service company that welcomes drivers and motorists alike. With operations in over 163 locations, TA and Petro offer a free coupon for showering to drivers who purchase 50 gallons diesel or more. Locate TA and Petro centers here.

  1. IOWA 80

As the name suggests, this truck stop is situated in the small town of Walcott, Iowa. Established in 1964 IOWA 80, the world’s largest truck stop, is also known as ‘Trucker’s Disneyland’. The place has everything you could ask for including barbershop, fitness center, laundromat, a truck museum, 8 restaurants, and 24 private showers. Find out more here.

  1. Love’s

With its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Love’s travel stops, and country stores operate in 41 states and more than 510 locations. Drivers and motorists can get round the clock access to fuels such as gasoline, diesel, CNG along with restaurants, electronics, and more. For truckers, Love’s has special assistance services like Tirepass, heavy-duty tire care, mechanical services, and roadside assistance. You can search for Love’s locations here.

  1. Little America Travel Centre

This truck stop has been servicing professional drivers with a host of amenities such as driver lounge, private showers, laundromat, semi-truck access, parking, and more. Their parking can hold over 150 trucks. Find out more about them here.

Websites to Find The Best Truck Stops With Showers

truck stops and more with the help of websites like Yelp, Trucker Path, and others.

  1. Yelp

If you are not sure about the truck stops in the area you are in, just log on to and put in your area code. The portal will show you the top-ranked truck stops near your location.

  1. Trucker Path

Trucker Path is America’s leading portal when it comes to Truckers to find the nearest truck stop, parking space, fuel pricing, and more. The service is provided for approx. 1 million drivers via mobile app or website. Log on to and find more.

How To Enjoy Shower Facility at Truck Stops

Once you have located your truck stop, here are ways to enjoy the shower facility at one of these stops.

  1. Use the Credits

Most of the truck stops along your route will give you ‘shower credits’ on the purchase of a certain quantity of fuel (usually 50 gallons). This credit comes with an expiry date and must be used before that. Plan your route so that you do not lose them.

  1. Driver Reward Points

Most of the chains run a loyalty program for drivers where they are given reward points for availing various services. These points can be used to buy food, services, or for shower facility.

  1. Pay Cash

If you do not have credits, you can always pay cash to avail the shower service at one or the other truck stops. Generally using truck stop showers can cost you around $ 7 and more depending on the service provider.

It is important to maintain personal hygiene when you are on the road. It not only keeps you fresh, but it also helps you in dealing with the stress on the road. So, the next time you are out covering your route, consider one of these truck stops to take a breather and relax.

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