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Truck hitting bridge


Truck hitting bridge


We’ve all seen video of a truck hitting bridge. It seems funny to watch but if you’re the driver of the on the video, you’re in a world of hurt. Truck drivers have a lot going on in the cab watching traffic, lights, speed, and a few other issues. Knowing how tall a truck is and what it can get under can be a guessing game at times. But, it shouldn’t be. What can stop truck hitting bridge?




Truck Hitting Bridge Is Damage, An More Damage

The damage that occurs with a load hitting a bridge isn’t just limited to the truck. The damage also involves whatever the truck was loaded with and don’t forget the bridge as well. There are thousands and thousands of dollars in damage. Not to mention delays, insurance claims, possible hospital bills, and don’t forget that other vehicles can be damaged too. All in all, it’s best to know the route you’re driving and all the obstacles you may be facing.


How to Know Which Way to Go

Some jurisdictions have taken steps to help reduce the number of bridge accident incidents by lowering road surfaces or raising bridges. Other states and cities have invested in warning signs and technology that measures a truck’s height before it hits the bridge.  Thus  warning the truck driver to stop, but that doesn’t guarantee bridge crashes won’t continue to happen. The best thing to do is avoid the problem and thanks to modern GPS technology, it’s easy.


Invest a Little and Save a Lot

Modern GPS systems offer tons of information. Specially, about more than where you are or what direction to go in to get to your destination. They have weather condition reports, traffic reports, and a lot of other important information for truck drivers. The Garmin GPS for truckers gives bridge heights in addition to all the other pertinent information a driver needs. Professional drivers can easily save themselves of time, headaches, truck damage, and bridge damage by investing in a Garmin GPS for truckers. Here are some of the best on amazon for trucks. For mor information chekout trucker gps amazon


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