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Truck Driver Salary


Curious about truck driver salary? If you are a truck driver or planning to be one, it is likely that you are curious as to how much does a truck driver makes in the US.

This is what this article is about. In this article, we will talk about the average truck driver’s salary. We will also discuss different ways through which you can earn more, as a truck driver.

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So, How Much Does a Truck Driver Earn?

As it goes, the average base salary of a truck driver is around $59,599 per year, as revealed by Indeed, in the United States. Along with the salary, the most common benefits that a truck driver is entitled to include health insurance, paid-time off, 401(k), vision insurance, dental insurance, paid time offs, monthly bonus and more.

The report from Indeed goes deeper to reveal that the salaries of a truck driver are highly dependent on the location they are driving their trucks in. The truck drivers in Memphis, TN, for instance, make around $87,777 per year. It is quickly followed by Houston, TX where truck drivers earn about $84,442 per year, and so on.


How satisfied are the Truck Drivers?

How satisfied are the Truck Drivers?

Keeping the data released by the Indeed into consideration, it was found that 51% of truck drivers in the United States are satisfied with their salaries. They believe that their salary is in proportion to the cost of living in their area.

Is Salary Dependent on the Truck Driver Type?

Truck drivers in the US can be divided into two major categories:


  1. Earn a higher salary
  2. Finance their vehicle on their own
  3. Enjoy better flexibility and a greater degree of independence
  4. Deal with a lot of hassles – taxes, paperwork, truck maintenance and so on
  5. Exercise full control over who can ride and who cannot

As is evident, owner-operators enjoy a greater degree of freedom, but they also incur hefty expenses. This is why the higher salary earned by them doesn’t necessarily mean higher income.


Company drivers

  1. Don’t have to deal with hassles related to truck maintenance and purchase
  2. Get to enjoy a better tax situation
  3. Get to enjoy benefits offered to an employee like paid vacation, dental and life insurance, vision, retirement plans and so on
  4. Enjoy a lesser degree of freedom

As is evident, although company drivers have to deal with fewer hassles, they get to enjoy lesser flexibility and job security.

Can You Earn More as a Truck Driver?

Well, yes, you definitely can! You can make the most out of the varied bonuses and benefits available like fuel-efficiency, safety bonus, signing bonus, detention pay, and monthly mileage bonus and so on.

Additionally, certain skills and specialization like driving oversized load truck pays you more. Additionally, hazmat and ice road truck drivers also enjoy a better salary.

The Next Steps

This was a quick insight on the salary of a truck driver.

So, what you have to say about this? Do let us know in the comments below.

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