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Truck Driver Life


A truck driver life is one of the most challenging ones. This is mainly due to the time spent in this trade for so many years. This also includes time spent away from their homes and families. And in this manner, they spend 30 to 40 years of their life, with ease.

In this context, if you ask an experienced truck driver (who has been working in this industry for more than 40 years), to describe their trucker journey, their answer will be simple and objective. This would usually contain expressions like, ‘hectic’, ‘challenging’, ‘long’, ‘driving coast to coast’ and the likes. And this is rightfully so since they have indeed given their entire life to this.

Would Truckers want a truck driver life It Again?

life of a trucker
Brian Sprowel, a truck driver, rest at Love’s truck stop in Quartzsite, AZ . Sprowel, has been driving for about 39 years. Being a truck driver for so long, he said he’d witnessed trafficking-like situations many times. But before he got involved with Truckers Against Trafficking, he wasn’t fully aware of what was going on or that the women he saw were, in fact, victims. Now, he knows what to do and how to get help. He’s passionate about raising awareness on human trafficking, and he drives a truck that displays the national hotline number. Brian’s boss, Mike Jimenez, bought him the TAT truck)
Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is an organization that is creating a mobile army of truck drivers to recognize and report cases of human trafficking. Kendis Paris, who co-founded TAT, is dedicated to creating a mobile army of trained truckers who can fight trafficking. Paris says this army is necessary because, for one, at any given time, there are more truckers on the road than law enforcement. And two, truckers are continually going in and out of every industry, hotels, motels, restaurants, etc. so they can have eyes and ears all over the country.

But how do truck drivers value their profession? How would they take it if they were asked to pass their trade on their next line? This answer is also pretty definite. Most of them would say, if they had to do it all over again and choose their career, they would not be a trucker! They would not even ask their sons to invest their time and energy in this profession at all. This is how much they have learned about the difficulties in this particular job.

What Are Some Of The Major Problems Being A Truck Driver?

To look at it from a broad perspective, what are some of the biggest challenges being a trucker? You would usually hear about some of the more common problems like staying away from home, spending hours continuously on the road, being on the move and the likes. These are all valid problems that these truck drivers go through regularly for 20 or 30 years. But the most prominent issue that floats up is the fact that these truckers have zero interaction with the outside world. And since they continue doing it for so many years, they tend to start liking the concept of solitude.

This means that they spend so many years just driving from coast to coast, but have minimal interaction with people on the outside. This often leads to a sadness that resides in their lives for so many years. This problem seems to be a bigger issue in the older truckers.

Challenges For Truck Drivers

This is so because they have become used to this kind of lifestyle for years. Let us go to a scene when the truckers all gather together for a meal. Usually, the newer and younger drivers all gather together, cook with each other, sit together and dine together. But, the problem lies with the more senior members. It is a common sight in this situation for the older members to be going to the back of the room, finding an isolated area and having their meals alone. And more often than not, that is all they know – solitude. This proves to be a real challenge that they do not quite realize in their earlier days but manifests into something big in the later stages.

Most of the truckers also talk about how badly they miss their families. More often than not, they are working continuously merely to pay the bills, since they are the sole earners in the family. For instance, a particular trucker in the United States has been working hard at this job for so many years. His wife’s health had been taking a toll on their family life and he has had to stick to the roads for all these years. Unfortunately, he says that his wife will not even know him completely, all thanks to his time away from home for the 39 years of their married life.

Another pertinent problem is financial security; rather, the lack of it. Most truckers go through this issue during their time on the roads. The fact their income is not certain and they do not know what they would be doing next proves to be quite the challenge. Paying bills and fulfilling financial commitments at home thus becomes a big problem.

A truck driver life a double life

Owing to the amount of time a trucker spends on the road, they usually spend a double life- one at home and one in a truck. How do we define these two lives? The first is a life on the roads, spent mostly with fellow truckers. This takes up a major part of their lives. The other is family life. This is completely different from their trucker life. This works almost like a second life they lead regularly. Besides, there is an additional problem. Firstly, staying on the road has its own set of challenges. When they go back home, they face a different set of problems altogether. In effect, they are expected to carry the burden of both sets of problems together. This is what having a double life means.

Health Of Truckers And Their Families

Truckers usually have it rough, both for themselves and also for their families. Their health could be a big potential issue. This is because their diets are always not monitored or properly maintained. They often feed on anything they get on the roads. Issues like diabetes can take a toll on their body. On the other hand, their mental health also takes a hit. Some truckers have been so frustrated doing their jobs that they have even tried to commit suicide, more than once. Financial stability is one such problem in this profession. An additional factor is the health of their families. Some truck drivers have also had to go through issues where their wives were suffering from cancer. And despite the multiple radiation sessions, they have had to spend their time in their trucks.

The truck driver life is not easy, but so many people sacrifice a major part of their lives transporting goods from coast to coast, across the country, serving the society. And this dedication is commendable!


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