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Truck Driver For WalMart


Walmart is in a constant need of truck drivers, all thanks to its range of distribution centers that are located in the US. Because, they  offer a higher salary than the average income of most of the truck drivers along with various other benefits. For this reason, joining Walmart as a truck driver is a dream of many.

By the way, if you are also looking forward to kick start your truck driver career with Walmart, this article is for you. So Why not be a truck driver for Walmart?



Education and Licensing of Truck Driver

Typically, most companies look for a truck driver who is at least a high school graduate. Further, if you are applying for an over-the-road (OTR) driving position which involves long-haul driving, you must be able to transport goods hundreds of miles in trailers. To be able to drive such trucks, it is necessary to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Obtaining a CDL requires you to follow proper requirements, which could vary from state to state. In some states, you are asked to pass written and driving tests.

If you are an aspiring OTR driver, you could choose to enroll yourself in professional truck driving courses of three to six months. A lot of community colleges and private institutions offer such courses.

Joining these courses is beneficial as it will help you in operating a tractor-trailer properly and will also make you aware of various highway rules and regulations governed by DOT (US Department of Transportation).

Truck Driving Jobs in Walmart

Operating more than 125 distribution centers across the US, Walmart is always in need of reliable truck drivers. This is because the distribution centers of Walmart accommodate a variety of products – from apparel to electronics. To transport goods from one center to another, Walmart needs a lot of truck drivers, around 8000 on an average.

A typical truck driver working with Walmart is required to travel around 1 million miles per year. The Walmart truck drivers are required to work a regular schedule and travel around 300 miles per haul.


Responsibilities of Walmart Truck Driver

Responsibilities of Walmart Truck Driver

  • Writing internet reports, and planning travel routes
  • Maintaining Dot records
  • Ability to sit for long periods
  • Ability to lift and carry equipment
  • Capability to react quickly in emergencies

The Average Salary of a Walmart Truck Driver

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that Walmart truck drivers, on average, earn an average of around $42, 5000 in 2017. The drivers on the low end of the spectrum earn close to $28,000 while the high earners make as much as $86,000, according to a Bloomberg report.

How to Apply for Walmart Driving Jobs?

To apply for the Walmart driving jobs, keep a close eye on the career website of Walmart. You can also explore the Walmart truck driving job openings by searching Drive4Walmart in Google. Next, browse to the Drivers and Transportation section, and explore the open positions.

Simply, apply to them and you are done.

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