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How to Join Amazon as a Truck Driver

  • Join the partner logistics company

It is important to mention here that Amazon gets its most of the deliveries done through third-party logistics companies. It is constantly encouraging entrepreneurs to start their own delivery business.

Thus, as a truck driver, you can join the partner logistics company of Amazon to get started.

  • Join Amazon’s Troop of Truckers

Additionally, Amazon is also in the process of rolling out a fleet of branded truck tractors to support its delivery operations. And the recent stats reported by Business Insider suggest the same too. The retail giant has owned 10,000 truck trailers, dozens of cargo jets, and a lot of delivery vans in the past few years.

A lot of sources reveal that Amazon is building up a delivery network of its own. This could give strong competition to FedEx and UPS. Since Amazon is maintaining its branded trucks, the chances are high that they might soon need to hire a troop of truckers. However, instead of asking you to drive your own truck, you might be asked to drive their branded trucks.


Working with Amazon as a Truck Driver

According to the data made public by FreightWaves, the rates offered by Amazon are around 18.4% lower than the rates posted on DAT. However, it is important to mention here that working Amazon is not the best experience for most truck drivers. They have poor medical benefits, clumsy management, and rapid hire-and-fire rounds. The company imposes daily quotas that need to be met, and during slow periods, drivers are involuntarily sent home with.

Salary of Amazon Truck Drivers

The average salary of an Amazon truck driver in the US is $15.92 per hour which is around 16% below the national average. According to, the top Amazon truck drivers earn more than $80,000 per year. However, the actual salary might vary depending on your profile, job location, and the compensation scale.

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