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Tractor Trailer Accident


Tractor trailer accident

Tractor trailer accident are not only common but are also one of the most dangerous auto accidents. Being bulky, these trucks can lose control very easily. Here are some of the semi-truck accidents reported in the recent past.

  1. Accident near Dallas

This accident took place in Dallas when a sewage truck tried to pull up behind the County Sheriff, all of a sudden. This incident happened near the junction of I-20E and I-635N. This tucker did not look if he had enough space to move over to the next lane. Therefore, that sudden and quick maneuver took the tanker driver by surprise and as a result, he could not breakfast enough. Decision making is one of the most important things in truck driving the ability to see far ahead is the strength of the trucker. Given these points, he did a bad job of using both to react accordingly. Keep your eyes far on the road and all around truckers and not on cell phones or distractions.


  1. Accident near Tulsa

In another accident captured on a car dashboard, an 18-year old motorist was trying to get on to the Muskogee Turnpike and lost control of her wheels. This is basically a state toll road that forms a bridge between Tulsa and Interstate 40. She was riding along with a truck in the adjacent lane. And instead of letting the truck pass, she made an attempt to overtake it and merge in front of it.

As a result of this action, the car hit the huge truck and it went out of control. The car then spun uncontrollably, hitting the central barrier on the highway. To top it up, she was also met by an oncoming red car. The vehicle hit the red car, destroying its hood and then finally came to a stop.

  1. Tractor-trailer accidents in NY

In another horrific accident in New York, the driver went on to blow a steering tire. As a result of this action, the truck was made to make a maneuver to the right. But thankfully the driver of the tractor-trailer was pretty competent and was able to prevent the vehicle from going out of control or hitting other cars in the traffic.

The truck went off the road and was able to manage itself from there. Thereafter, a second truck came to its rescue and stopped by the side of the road to check up on this truck.

  1. Almost head-on collision in Canada

This was a near-death experience in early 2019. A truck burned the red light only to meet with a pickup truck trying to take advantage of the last dying orange light. Consequently, the truck driver lost control of the wheels and collided with five other cars in the same area. Eventually, dropping his load on the windshield of another truck.  Under that circumstance no car wasn’t able to move away from the madness many where hospitalized.


  1. Highway semi-truck accident in Kingston, New York

New York was witness to yet another semi-truck accident on the 87 North Exit highway area. Initially, there were two cars involved. The first car in front came to a sudden halt. The car behind was a Porsha GT3 which had to make a stop directly from highway speed.

But anticipating that the drivers behind might not be able to make a similar kind of stop, the GT3 driver chose to tilt a little towards the left while making a halt. That extra distance was to help the cars in front and behind to have sufficient space for reducing their speed. But that was not all in the accident.

The GT3 driver soon saw a semi-truck approaching them from behind at a high speed. Realizing that the truck driver would not be able to stop the vehicle in time and there were chances of a crash, the GT3 driver did his best to swerve on to his right to minimize the impact. And that is exactly what happened. The truck almost touched the car but not damage took place, all thanks to that great analyze and instant reaction. The best part of this was the fact that everyone around the accident spot was safe! Tractor trailer accidents are always tragedies that can be avoided with proper reaction and precaution.

  1. Truck rollover in Spring TX

A truck driver from North Houston was driving in the Spring TX area. Another car was also driving along the same route.  This driver seemed to be rather careless with the vehicle. In fact, he did not wait for the road to be clear before going to the other side. Consequently, in an attempt to save this car and not hit it, the truck driver tried to avoid the collision and thus rolled over on to the sides of the road.

The bad part is that the careless driver did not even stop and check upon him. In spite of this, the passerby stopped by to see how the truck driver was doing. Thankfully, he came out of the accident without much harm.


  1. Avoiding a head-on collision with a semi in Colorado

Recently, in South Park, Colorado, a car was driving at the usual 60 MPH. However, the driver suddenly realized that a semi was charging towards him in the same lane.  In an attempt to prevent the collision, the driver immediately slowed down and made a stop in the shoulder to let the semi pass. All of the footage was recorded from the car’s dash camera. Tractor trailer accident can some times not be avoided but with a dash-cam the truth will always come out.

  1. Speeding tractor trailer accident

Another tractor trailer accident this time caught on the car dash camera. The truck was moving at a surprisingly high speed and was almost about to crash into a line of cars. In an attempt to avoid the crash, the car hit the central wall on the road. In the end, no other vehicles were harmed in this incident, but the whole road was blocked for a few hours until the truck was removed. Not less, this could have been rather fatal if the truck did not crash into the wall.

  1. Truck crash in Michigan

In this Michigan City crash, a trucker failed to yield the green traffic signal and proceeded to turn. On the other hand, a white truck coming towards the truck from the opposite direction did not notice that the truck had no intention on yielding. As a result, a crash took place during the day. The truck driver came out unharmed. The car driver injured his knee.

  1. Nashville crash

This accident took place in Nashville near the airport during the afternoon hours. On the highway, was a Mazda 3 followed by a huge semi-truck in the same lane, along with other vehicles. This might have all been a result of a speed mismatch or the Mazda driver did not look before changing lane. As a consequence,  the semi-truck looked like it charged into the car in front and crashed it and continued moving in the same direction for a while. Be careful out there drivers and truckers share the road and always be looking at the road and take the right decision. To conclude, if you ever are a witness or in an accident, you must stop and rescue if you can.

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