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Tractor Supply Truck Tool Boxes


What is the one thing that a trucker cannot leave home without? Their tractor supply truck tool boxes. It works as a stationary box for the truck.

Whether you, as a trucker, need to change the flat tire in the middle of the road, or simply tighten a screw, this tool kit has everything that a truck needs. The ideal tractor supply truck tool boxes is the one that does not take up too much space in the truck. Better yet, has a large enough capacity for the tools.

Each trucker has a different set of requirements. The list of the best truck tool boxes might come in handy for your truck rides across the country.

Weather Guard 674501 All-purpose Chest

Weather Guard 674501 All-purpose Chest

This is a sturdy and lightweight chest for trucks, and it has everything that one would want in a toolbox. Even though it is made from thick grade aluminum, it has managed to stay within 54 lbs.

To make it user-friendly, a separate installment kit is provided with the product. Now, every trucker worries about the security of the box. This is where the Whether Guard chest provides you with the extra advantage. The automation protection lock, with a simple keypad interface, holds the contents of the tool kit securely, and it prevents all break-ins.

There are no external latches though, that could make it more difficult to operate with the box. The weatherproof seal works as the cherry on the cake! Overall, this product ticks off everything in the checklist and more. All this feature makes this an ideal tractor supply truck tool boxes.

Undercover Swing Case Storage Box

Undercover Swing Case Storage Box

How would you like a truck toolbox that weighs just about 20 lbs., but can hold content up to 75 lbs. in weight? That definitely would resolve so many issues. And that is exactly what this Undercover Swing Case box has on offer. One of the highlights of this product is its ability to keep things dry. This is all thanks to the moisture seal that keeps the contents protected against the slightest hint of moisture inside the box.

The dimensions of the box are such that it fits perfectly in the space over the rear wheel, but does not interfere in the pickup truck’s bed space. To make it most optimal for use, the box has one side larger than the other for betting fitting. The hinged design on the plastic box protects the contents within. This tractor supply truck tool boxes forms the perfect addition to the truck

Trinity Pickup Bed Tool Box

For any professional trucker, a good and useful toolbox is of utmost importance. Well, you have hit the jackpot here with the Trinity toolbox. Essentially, they are available in two different sizes based on the requirements of the user. But what makes this box attractive is the rust resistance grey finish on the outsides. It ensures that the tool kit lasts a long time, owing to its durable features.

Another exciting component of the product is the set of hydraulic lifts on the lid. This makes the box pretty sturdy. And what can you store in this box? Regular working tools? Well, you get a lot more than that. A lot of power tools and machinery can also be carried around in this toolbox. You could just place it in the rear bed and you are good to go. On the other hand, you could make it a permanent feature of your truck and bolt it to the pickup bed. However you use it, this truck will only make your life easier on the road.

Brait Aluminum Tractor Supply Truck Tool Boxes


To start, this Brait toolbox is made from 1.5 mm gauge tread plate aluminum. This makes it pretty sturdy and good for use. On the outsides, you could choose between a polished silver look and a gloss black finish. It has a decent capacity to carry all your tools in. But these are features that every truck toolbox has. So, what is special about the Brait product? The answer lies in the product’s raked front.

It increases the usability quotient by a huge margin. As compared to the usual square or rectangular boxes, this makes it a lot easier if you are looking to rope the box down. On the other hand, if you are traveling across the country, across different weather conditions, this box will adjust accordingly. This is all thanks to the rubber weather seal that can manage through hot and cold conditions and dry or wet environment.

Yaheetech Tractor Supply Truck Tool Boxes

Yaheetech Tool Box

Ideally, how would you want your toolbox to be? Large, spacious, durable, corrosion-proof? Well, you have it all in this Yaheetech toolbox for your truck. Well, let us look into the finer details of the product. The lid has a unique design with a weather-resistant seal. This can technically protect the box and its contents against runny waters or the monsoons or other external agents. Overall, it has a very simplistic design and looks.

Now, how secured are the contents inside the tool kit? The twist handle and fitting lock go a long way together in maintaining the security of the product. It is balanced by two rear hinges and is safe to store in the truck, on the move.

STKUSA Stark Underbody Flatbox Tool Box

STKUSA Stark Underbody Flatbox Tool Box

So, the most common toolboxes are the ones that can set in the rear side of the truck. But, how about a design that fits underneath the truck body, instead of on inside it? This special toolbox has a drop-down door to give you access to its contents, instead of a lid. The one big advantage derived from this sort of design is the space-saving aspect of it.

It does not take up space in the pickup bed at all. The door is held by chains to ensure that it does not open up randomly during a trip. The weather-resistant rubber seal keeps the tools protected from the warmth and moisture outside. Also, the dual locking system perfectly takes care of the security aspect of the product.

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