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Tractor Pulling


Tractor pulling, truck pulling, or power pulling is popular motorsport of US, Canada, Europe and many other countries around the world. Unlike every motorsport, tractor pulling is not about the speed but covering the maximum distance.

In tractor pulling, the tractors or the modified tractors are made to pull a sled which is about 11-metre-wide and 100-meter-long. Furthermore, the weight is put over a sled in a way that makes it even heavier to pull. For instance, the one who pulls off the sled to the farthest distance (100metre) is known as ‘full pull mark’ and is declared the winner. However, In the case where more than one competitor crosses the pull off the mark, the competitors who have reached beyond the mark of 91 meters are made to compete again by adding more weight to their sled.

Rules Related to Tractor Pulling Motorsport

When the race starts, the sled is made to be towed at the end of the tractor. As the sled is towed and weight is put upon the sled, the front wheels of the tractor are raised up in the air. In fact, this makes the weight put on the sled heavier to pull. Being that, the sled has no wheels, whereas the weight that is put on the sled through transmission has wheels.

To gain the speed and to be able to pull off to the full mark, the tractor should have powerful engines. The most powerful tractors with high power engines are found in Europe known as heavy modified tractors. The other things that matter in tractor pulling are the torque and horsepower of tractors.

  1. Self-build machines

    Only self-built machines are allowed to participate. Accordingly, no ready-made machines built from factories can join the track. Notably, the tractors that participate are first categorized as standard and vintage, Sport and super sport, Pro and Super stock, free, mini and modified class and TWD (Two-wheel drive) or car pullers to carry out fair competition.

  2. The standard and vintage tractors are ones that are more than 30 years of age.
  3. Sport and super sport tractors are standard factory tractors with slight modifications. Therefore,  a nonstandard fuel is used in a super sport tractor.
  4. There are classes within Pro stock and super stock tractors depending on the fuel they use. They make use of diesel or methanol fuel and neither is allowed to compete against each other.
  5. In free and Mini modified class tractors, every combination of transmission and motors are allowed to compete with certain limits. Indeed, these are custom built tractors with naturally aspirated engines.

The Different Divisions

TWD or car pullers tractor class are put in a division where they have to carry a weight of not more than 2500kg. Moreover, ere are certain restrictions put to the sled width and length too.

Based on the weight of the machine, each class is subdivided into subclasses with restrictions. The safety requirements and rules are to be followed by each class of tractors given by NTPA and other tractor pulling organizations.

Winners and Association

  1. Illinois Tractor Pulling Association
  • Lane Bollinger under Modified category
  • Daniel Whalen under Pro stock diesel Trucks
  • Chad Durbin under Pro Street Diesel trucks
  1. NTPA (National Tractor Pulling Association) Winner Held In Ohio
  • Adam Spiegelberg under LSS
  • Brandon Hunt under SSD
  • Ken Veney under Mini
  • Jami Austin under Two Wheel Drive
  • Scott Tedder under Modified



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