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Southeast Freight Tracking


When it comes to freight transport and tracking, Southeast Freight Lines is one of the most commonly heard names. It is a privately-owned transportation and freight management company. For over 60 years, this freight management company has been involved in delivering goods for its clients across the country. Starting from tracing to routing guides, this company has been taking care of freight needs in an end-to-end manner.

To know more about Southeast Freight Lines, let us delve into the company’s details a bit and understand what drives the efficient services here.

SEFL operates with a one-day delivery system, catering to transportation needs in the Southeast and Southwest parts of the United States essentially. It currently holds its presence across 13 states in the country, along with Puerto Rico. However, owing to its strong communication system, the transportation company can cater to the other 37 states, along with Mexico, Canada, and the U.S Virgin Islands.

The company operates with the motto of ‘Quality without Question’. This means that the company believes in adding value or quality to every task and also to exceed the customer expectations at every point. That is what drives Southeast Freight Lines.

The brand is built by a pool of strong and efficient associates who dedicate their time to catering to client requirements to ensure proper and timely delivery of shipment.

How do Southeast Freight Lines manage to effectively transport goods across the country for over 60 years now? Basically, this can be narrowed down to three special features that contribute to this freight carrier’s success.


Key Factors Responsible For The Success of Southeast Freight Lines

southeast freight management company

  1. SEFL maintains partnerships with regional or local shipment carriers or agents. This helps them spread their wings across different states within the country. And the fact that the locals are in sync with them ensures smooth transactions.
  2. Proper internet connectivity is the key to all operations these days. And considering the fact that SEFL invests a lot in building their connectivity and related infrastructure, it helps them stay connected and updated at all times. Not only does this facilitate smooth communication, but it also provides better goods tracking facilities.
  3. SEFL also provides its clients with fast and guaranteed service. All thanks to their reach across different corners of the country and their efficient infrastructure, SEFL is known to produce quick turnaround results. The fact that the freight company has a record of being on time for 99.35% of the time for next day deliveries, is proof of their fast service! These guaranteed services come in handy in terms of client satisfaction.

The brand called Southeast Freight Lines has been built and is driven by likeminded associates who are passionate about their work and aim to meet and exceed client expectations at every corner. These groups of 6,600 associates together make what SEFL actually is today. The set of more than 390 awards from across America is a testament to the company’s service and image.  It has changed the way freight management works in the country.


  1. Technological Advantage

    Southeast Freight Lines has invested significantly over its technological advancements to ensure that the company is updated. This not only caters to the operations within the different teams but also provides better access and service to the clients.

    Let us take a look at some of their key technological advances:

    1. Advanced shipment process

    This particular feature of their shipment process basically provides the clients with better visibility of their goods. This is done by incorporating real-time tracking systems.

    • All shipments dispatched from SEFL are specially provide barcoded levels that are updated in the company’s systems. The freight driver essentially uses these bar codes to log in to the updates about these goods. In effect, the locations can be tracked and traced at every point.
    • The dock management system present in every center of the SEFL enables smoother loading, optimizing shipment cycle times and also reducing chances of errors.
    • Smart billing solutions – All invoicing activities are conducted from a central billing area where freight billing is automated. The account details are derived from the host computer and thus formatted and customized bills are generated with reduced processing errors.
    • Synergy routing systems – SEFL has come a long way in optimizing the best possible routes for the freight drivers for delivery. This, not only reduces the transit time for the shipments but also reduces the mileage requirement.
    • Time-specific tracking – All tracking information can be access by the customer right from their phones.
    1. Electronic Data Interchange

    The Electronic Data Interchange or EDI is ideal for medium to large scale client base for Southeast Freight Lines. This allows the integration of the client’s transportation management system and their shipment activity with that of SEFL. Some of the services covered under this include Shipment Status, Freight Bill Invoice, Load Tender, Bill of Lading, Electronic Payment Remittance, and the likes.

    1. Web Connect

    Web Connect is the freight company’s web services API. This is a unique feature that allows the clients to basically pull information from the shipment company and incorporate it into their own company website. That means customers of the clients can actually trace everything from their website without having to visit another site. This tracking through API call can enable the end-users to access multiple services and information, like receive a rate quote, view the routing guide, check the status of a claim or procure the proof of delivery of a shipment. This is a very effective and inexpensive method for SEFL’s clients to expand the capabilities of their website without making huge investments.


  1. Quality Improvement Processes at Southeast Freight Lines

    This freight management and transportation company has taken a lot of measures over the last few years to incorporate proper quality or process improvement initiatives within their system. They invest mostly in a set of seven statistical process control tools. Some of these special processes include:

    • Flowcharting

    • This process enables them to have a clear picture of the total operational processes or steps. This is conducted with an attempt to optimize the time required for each sub process.
    • Fishbone diagrams

    • Fishbone diagrams are drawn up before every project in order to have a clear idea of how to go through the process. This includes the idea of accounting for the processes, steps, methods, materials, machines and other requirements.
    • Pareto charts

    • These essentially help to narrow down areas of possible errors and provide fixes for them. Pareto charts work towards reducing the chances of error in any step during the entire shipment process.
    • Control charts

    • Control charts are used to analyze how each of the processes is working in an assignment. In effect, these prove to be helpful for throwing light on areas that require improvement.

    Southeast Freight Lines are aware of the way things and changing and advancing at present. They also understand the fact that their infrastructure from over 60 years back will not be sufficient to handle operations in this day and age. This is why, SEFL makes a constant effort to improve its processes and operations on a regular basis, considering the analysis with their statistical process control tools. This is what distinguishes Southeast Freight Lines from any other freight management and transportation companies.

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