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Petro Truck Stops Near Me


The life of a trucker is not an easy one. They are constantly on the road, away from the family, sometimes for months. This is the reason things can get frustrating for them as they don’t get what they want, even the necessities. Therefore, the only place they can relax is at a truck stop. Here Petro truck stops play the perfect part of a host, especially with their self-service truck stops.

If one thinks that this place is restricted to simply filling the gas or having takeout, then they are mistaken. These truck stops are equipped with top-notch restaurants, coffee shops, hotels as well as other amenities.

Where Are The Truck Stops?


Location is key when it comes to truck stops. The same goes for Petro truck stops

Truck stops as well. Now, these locations run from east to west of the country and are concentrated more on the eastern side. As the locations are always outside the city limits, the truckers find it easy to access the stops on the expressway comfortably.

Why Choose The Petro Truck Stop?

petro Truck Stops

Hygiene Is Important

Given that truckers are on the road for an extended period means getting a shower is a luxury. This is why you should choose a truck stop with showers. Luckily, this is exactly what you will get at a Petro truck stop. This fully self-serviced truck stop gives the truckers the option of free showers if you are filling up gas.

But if you are not filling up gas and yet want to take a bath, you can still do that as well. At Petro, you will get the option of taking a shower for $1 which is quite a bargain. Moreover, there is no compromise when it comes to service because the showers are regularly cleaned. Also, the showers are supplied with soaps and fresh towels after every shower.

A Place To Eat

Getting hungry is a common thing in the trucker world because they are moving around constantly. So, finding a place to eat at the truck stop is a bonus which is exactly what you find at Petro truck stops. These truck stops come with an all-in-one restaurant that can serve a wide range of food.

Iron Skillet is the name of the restaurant which takes care of the hunger of the truckers at Petro. They have their salad and soup bars which are not found at many truck stops. In addition to the featured items on their menu, they also have an all-you-can-eat menu. This menu includes chicken fried steak, T-bone steak, fried chicken, and their specialty, the house stew.

Coffee For The Road

Many truckers don’t want or have time to eat out and instead would want to grab a bite for the road. Iron Skillet also gives this option to its truckers this as well. They have come up with a trucker-only coffee shop to make them feel at home. Do remember that they are separate from the dine-in restaurant but have a pretty exhaustive menu to cater to the truckers.

The best part of it is the fact that you can order here 24*7 which makes it perfect for a trucker pulling an all-nighter.

Where Is The Parking Lot?

A common problem with self-service truck stops is that sometimes truckers tend to abandon their vehicles at the pumps. And then they go and have a shower or eat, hence causing problems for other truckers coming in and out. But this is not a problem you face at Petro truck stops. Here you need to park your truck in a designated zone which is at a distance from the pumps before you can go ahead for showers or hit the restaurant.

Moreover, security is pretty tight here which puts the drivers to ease while they shower or enjoy their meals. In terms of parking space, you will find a comfortable parking space here even during peak time. In addition, they are constantly trying to increase their parking space. Petro has lands earmarked for hotel construction which they are planning to use for parking space.

How Much Does It Cost?

Perhaps the most important consideration for any trucker to make is how much to spend on fuel. Here they can effectively save up to 3-5 cents per gallon which makes a lot of the truckers pretty happy. This means the truckers can save close to $3-$5 when filling around 100 gallons of fuel. This amount might not seem like a lot, but for independent truckers, this is quite huge.

Given a lot of truckers who visit Petro truck stops are the independent ones, the pricing strategy has been carefully formulated. On average, the truck stops see a footfall of around 150 trucks a day. And they fill up around 110 gallons on average, which makes it clear why the discounts are given prudently.

Oops!! My Truck Broke

Yes, it is a common issue with truckers to have a breakdown or a tire puncture while they are on the road. These truck stops are also equipped with a repair center that can sort out these issues in an instant. In addition, the truck stops are also trying to come up with weighing scales. This will allow the truckers to check the weight of their trucks. This is an important feature because there are weight limits imposed or certain areas like ports, which if exceeded might invite fines.

How To Find The Truck Stops?

You can now find the Petro truck stops through your smartphones with the help of the TruckSmart app. This app is specifically designed by the company to find the Petro truck stops easily while being on the road. It is an all-inclusive app that helps the trucker to navigate to any TA or Petro truck stops on their daily route. With the help of this app, you can view the fuel prices, have access to the restaurant menu, 24-hour c-stores, and heavy truck maintenance at your fingertips. Moreover, you can also check out the RoadSquad program which provides roadside repair options to the truckers.


  1. After the way TA/Petro treated there employees i will NEVER stop at a TA or a Petro ever again. You don’t have a conference call with an employee when you are all in the same building the CEO or Vice-president with the head of HR and they tell the employee that the head of HR has something to tell them to find out they were fired. That’s not how you do it, so impersonal so cold you could have looked them in the eyes at least or said something encouraging to them.

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