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Old Dominion Freight Tracking


Being the number one LTL carrier for 10 years is not an easy job but Old Dominion Freight Carrier has done it successfully for 10 years. It is a convenient carrier and has provided reliable service for over 80 years.

It started its journey over a 94-mile route in Virginia and is now known as a global transportation company as well as the national freight leader. With humble beginnings in 1934, Old Dominion Freight now services over a list of renowned clientele and boasts of housing over 20,000 employees who are dedicated to serving its customers.

ODFL Offerings

Old Dominion Freight Tracking

Old Dominion Freight Line provides LTL services nationally, regionally as well as covers strategic inter-regional areas. It gives the customers a host of services including warehousing, transportation management, air, and ground expedited transport, transportation brokerage among other options.

Apart from its commercial services, ODFL is also known for household moving services giving it a well-acclaimed name among American households. And finally, it has cemented its position worldwide with its freight forwarding services. Given the vast array of services, ODFL has a footprint throughout the world.

ODFL strives to be fair in dealings with its employees and strongly condemns any kind of bias. The company is known as an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. It assures its employees that all the decisions taken by the company are not based on any religion, caste, creed, gender orientation, sex, national origin, pregnancy, age, disability and/ or any other conditions which are protected by law. In order to make sure all the employees are treated as equals, it has implemented no harassment or discrimination policy in the workplace. Also, OFDL looks out to provide basic human rights to all its employees including the drivers through its business operations.


Code of Conduct at ODFL

For the overall security of the company, employees, and community, ODFL follows a strict code of not allowing any activities which might culminate into any form of human trafficking. In order to make sure of it, the company disallows any use of equipment, transports or shelters to any unauthorized person or to its employees which can be used for any form of abuse against human rights. In addition, ODFL makes its drivers take a security awareness program designed by it and assures its completion. It also asks the drivers to inform the relevant security authorities if they come across any form of suspicious activity.

The company has invested in five kinds of product groups which are technology, domestic services, household services, people and expedited services. The primary business segment of the company is the LTL carriers owned by them, but globally it also provides less container load and full container load services in countries like Southern and Central America along with that of Caribbean. In addition, the company also extends these services to its customers in both the Far East and Europe. For its expedited services, Old Dominion Freight Line gives services like trade show shipping and household moving services to take care of the logistical needs of the customers.

Old Dominion Freight – Services

There are a host of freight services offered by this transportation company. These can be categorized into various segments.

OD Domestic Service

This service from Old Dominion caters to every part of domestic LTL freight shipping. The cross-nation coverage proves to be rather useful for freight shippers. This is backed by very competitive transit times and rates. Old Dominion domestic freight services have its reach from the Northeast to Southeast, to the West and Midwest regions, along with the Gulf States regions.


OD Expedited Service

This is ideal for shippers who are following tight deadlines and need their goods delivered at the earliest. With expedited solutions, the company basically ensures the quickest turnaround periods. These time-sensitive projects need utter care and more comprehensive strategies Some of the features of the expedited services include:

  • Guaranteed services
  • On-Demand services
  • Trade show shipping or expo freight shipping
  • Guaranteed service by noon
  • Air shipping services
  • Security divider services
  • Household shipping services

All of these features are backed by expedited transit times and expedited freight rates.

OD Global

Old Dominion Freight has actually done well to cross its international borders and conduct business globally. Considering North America, OD services extend to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico along with the United States. The main story comes from outside the United States. The Caribbean and European countries especially benefit from their services. This is all thanks to their global alliance with Mallory Alexander International Logistics, LLC.

OD proudly conducts distribution and transload facilities across the globe. The worldwide container load services form one of the best ideas in this regard. Direct shipments are obtained through the OD National Carrier Drayage. All of these services are summed up by international air freight options.

OD is also involved in a voluntary government-business initiative that goes by the name of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. This works towards improving international supply chains and the country’s border security measures.


OD Technology

Old Dominion uses advanced and smart technology in the best possible way in order to make freight transport a smooth process. The company is constantly evolving, all thanks to its range of state-of-the-art machines and tools.

OD’s technology has been rewarded with praises and awards in the past. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification has been one of its highlights. This comes embedded in every business segment and helps transfer information most efficiently. The Dock Yard Management System is another aspect of pride within this freight company. This ensures that timely and accurate information reaches the shippers for their domestic and global shipments.

While EDI effectively transfers information from one computer to another, the Descartes system helps figure out the best staffing options and also the most optimized routing choices.

With the best technology in hand, Old Dominion Freight has been operating a total of 237 service centers, coupled with 41,000 tractors and trailers. They do what they claim – ‘Helping the world keep promises.’

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