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Loves Truck Stop Near Me


Being on the road is an irreplaceable part of the trucker’s job description. They have to travel from one destination to the next and so on, non-stop. And they do that at a stretch, which can extend for months sometimes. Truckers have to be prepared to stay away from their families for long periods. Moreover, they might also not have access to the basic amenities that a person needs. Therefore, the only place they can feel a little bit closer to home is a truck stop. This is why you might want to look for Loves Truck Stop near me. For starters, the truck stop has been hosting truckers for years, to give them that exact feeling.

Initially, truck stops were used as a place to fill gas. However, modern-day truck stops have become dream destinations for truckers. From coffee stores to showers and restaurants, truck stops have equipped themselves to take care of truckers’ needs.

Why You Must Look For Loves Truck Stop Near Me

loves truck stop near me

A Place To Rest

Traveling on the road for long hours without taking rest can be tiring. This often leads to fatigue which can cause accidents. But it is hard for drivers to find resting places because of their odd timings which means they can land up at a place in the middle of the night. This issue has been addressed by Loves truck stop near me carefully.

They have tie-ups with various sleep-ins which provides the drivers with the option to lay down for a few hours. This arrangement of Love’s is known as the ‘Stop and Stay’ Program. The important aspect of these sleep-inns is the fact that they are not your common motels. Instead, these are some of the best hotel brands in the business with all the necessary amenities.

To make sure that more drivers can enjoy this benefit, they are constantly adding new sleep-inns around their truck stops regularly.

How Much To Pay?

One important consideration that a trucker has to make to stop at a truck stop is the amount to pay for fuel. At Love’s, you get different options to pay depending on the type of fuel you want for the truck. For starters, if you want to fill up on diesel for your truck, then it has a standard price of $3.24.

But if you want to fill up on gas, then you have 2 options at your disposal at almost all the truck stops. Firstly, you get the option of filling up your truck with regular gas which will cost you around $2.45.

Next, you have the option to go for midgrade gas which is slightly costlier at $2.75 but has a better quality. In terms of paying for the purchase, you also have a few options at your disposal. You can pay at the pump which is the normal way to go.

But you can also pay via Gasbuddy for your purchase. In case you are running short of cash, Love’s truck stops always have an ATM at your disposal.


Is There A Convenience Store Around?

The truckers have a hard life staying on the road. This is why they have issues maintaining hygiene. On top of that, it is not easy for them to get the necessary items because they spend a lot of time on the highway. But at Loves truck stop near me, this is a problem which is solved with ease.

A common feature at these truck stops is the convenience stores. This is perhaps like a gold mine for the truckers who are in dire need of necessary items. Unlike your standard convenience store on the highway, these are modernized stores. Here, not only will you find the necessary drinks or crackers but also clothes, ready to eat food packets, among other items.

Moreover, in most of the truck stops, you can find video gaming options as well. Equipped with so many options, it won’t be wrong to say that the truckers are sometimes spoilt for choices.

Is There Something To Eat?

Truckers don’t have a particular schedule to follow and lead a hectic life moving from place to place. They often end up with long hours without food and Love’s has taken it upon them to make sure the truckers are well fed. To achieve their goals, Love’s have made tie-ups with some of the best restaurants and fast-food chains in the market.

Starting from Burger King to Taco Bell, there are close to 22 different restaurants that you can find in their different truck stops. So, in terms of choices, the truckers can go grab a burger for the road or sit down and gobble down on pizzas among other things. If they are still not satisfied, there are specialty restaurants also present at these truck stops to give the truckers fresh and gourmet food. Moreover, Love’s is also serving beers to their customers which is not a bad thing if you are a trucker.

Parking and Service Center

Parking space is an important feature of any truck stop. Love’s, to avoid commotion or parking issues during peak hours, has made sure to keep ample space for parking. Moreover, there are parking spaces open to the adjoining sleep-in with which they have tie-ups.

They are also trying to expand their parking areas regularly to accommodate more trucks at a time. In terms of servicing the trucks, air pumps are always present in any Love’s truck stop.

Moreover, they also have a service called Speedco Truck Care. This service includes tire services provided by tire service technicians. They also have diesel mechanics to cater to special services. Lastly, their 24*7 roadside assistance program is also a hit among the truckers.

Love’s Connect

With the help of Love’s Connect app, they are now assisting the truckers on the go. Here the truckers can find their favorite Loves truck stops near me at the tap of a button. They can also find the route to truck stops. In addition, the truckers can also do mobile check-in for private showers, another feature of Loves truck stop near me. Moreover, they can also pay their bills, pre-order their meals, or call for assistance on the app.

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