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How To Find Great Shipping Companies


If you are looking to transport your shipments over long distances, then you need to find the right freight shipping company. You need to assess whether the services you need are in accordance with the services provided by these companies.

With the advancement of technology, you can now find these freight shipping companies online, something which was not possible before. Now, you can even look for these companies by downloading various apps. In these apps, you will be able to see all the necessary details related to the shipping services provided by the companies.

But how to find the right shipping company. Let's look at some of the things we need to check before selecting the right one.


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Finding The Right Shipping Company

  • Kind of shipping services provided

When we talk about freight shipping services, it includes services provided through all modes, including air, water, and land. Therefore, we need to see the different types of platforms that are used by the company to deliver the shipments. Moreover, it will also let us understand which method of shipping is right for your product. It would be advisable to look for a freight shipping company which ships through all the three modes, hence giving us more options to choose from.

  • Number of shipments

In a normal scenario, you may ship a single type of item; but what happens if you need to ship multiple items? Here, you need to look for a freight shipping company that is capable of adjusting to these changes.

It is always beneficial to have a shipping partner who is flexible because it opens up options. Moreover, having such a partner is definitely going to assist us in expanding and growing our business. Therefore, if we find a freight shipping company that can handle multiple shipments with minimum disruptions, then we have hit gold!

  • Services provided

As mentioned earlier, the most important thing to check for when looking for a shipping company is whether they will provide the exact services we need. It is possible that you might need access to a holding facility or need packing or loading services. Therefore, you have to look for a company which is willing to provide us with all these services. So, it is best to check up with specific requirements before associating with a partner.

  • Providing insurance

While choosing a freight shipping company, make sure you choose the one which is giving insurance. When you are shipping goods, it is worth a significant amount of money. Therefore, getting the goods insured seems to be the right thing to do. Here, make sure to have this conversation with the prospective companies.

If the partner is not providing information about insurance or is outright telling you that they don’t provide it, then it is probably safe to steer clear of such companies. Moreover, you could also ask them what happens if the goods are damaged, especially in transit. A seasoned company will be clear of its plan of action and procedures to be undertaken.

  • Technology used

Let us talk a bit about technology; it includes both apps and online options provided by the company. It is important to note how the shipment will be tracked. Many companies provide real time tracking which is the recommended method.

Moreover, freight shipping also has a lot of paperwork to handle. Hence, you could ask the shipping companies whether this paperwork can be done online. It is always better to have a shipping partner who is tech savvy with an online presence, as it reduces a lot of manual work.


Popular Apps Used By Freight Shipping Companies

It is the one-stop-solution for freight shipping solutions. GoFreight app provides them with the option to manage and track shipments made through air, water, and land. It also allows users to carry on with subsidiary operations like accounting, invoicing, warehousing, etc.

In addition, it enables the users to create memos and notes for the bills which can be helpful if there are any changes in the shipment or transportation plans. There is also a document centre module, which helps GoFreight arrange and store users’ data along with their shipment details.

The next one on the list is a cloud based transportation and freight management app. It provides solutions for shipping, third party logistics and also assists in streamlining the supply chain system for carrier business.

The best thing about this app is it allows the users to book, quote and track the shipments. For the latter, the app uses API, EDI and ELD integrations to provide the users with real time tracking of their shipments. Shipwell works on an artificial intelligence platform and uses natural language processing. This allows the drivers to send regular real time updates via check calls.

This app ensures that all the necessary features are integrated to provide the best service to the users. For starters, it comes with a customizable dashboard, which provides the users with a view of the shipping metrics. This allows them to check how the performance indicators are doing. In addition, it also allows the users with important information regarding weather and traffic alerts which can help them choose the best routes for delivery.

This app also helps the users with document management which is an essential feature for any freight shipping app. It also automates functions like cost calculations, carrier verification, freight allocation, etc.

This is a state of the art web based app which supports small to mid sized businesses. It provides the option of a free trial to its users, hence, eliminating any upfront cost. It allows them to choose the type of subscription which best suits a business.

Each type of subscription will enable the integration with Quickbooks online, Tailwind POD Complete (dispatch communication app) and mobile ePOD capture for the drivers. This app provides features like accounting, carrier rate history, operations, sales tracking, etc. In addition, it also helps the users to track mileage, accidents, incidents, and claims.

This app comes with some of the best features when it comes to cloud based freight management. With the help of the app, the users can take care of shipping operations and manage orders. The users can also use it for payment processing, claims management, billing, white labelling, dispatching, and auditing. Moreover, they can also use the app to generate automated invoices at the end.


Checklist To Follow To Choose The Right Shipping Company

  • Pricing

Competitive pricing is the key. The right price will decide whether you win or lose. Therefore, check out the pricing from different shipping companies before choosing the right one.

  • Reliability

Do a background check on the company you want to partner up with. It is best to get to know the records and history of the company taking care of your shipment and assess how reliable they are.

  • Delivery timing

Do ask the shipping companies for their standard delivery timings. There are situations when you need early delivery. It is best to check if the company is willing to do it.

So, this is how you can choose the right shipping company. Got any queries? Let us know in the comments below.

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