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How Many Yards In A Concrete Truck


Every project, whether constructing a house or simply a patio, requires concrete. The volume may be different depending on the job at hand but the method of calculation is always the same. So how many yards in a concrete truck?

We all know that the measurements for any structure usually come in square feet but the measurement of the concrete takes a different unit. For concrete, the unit is cubic yards. The basic components of the calculation here include width, length, and depth which will be required to ascertain the quantity required.

A concrete truck can carry a maximum of 10 cubic yards of concrete. But how much does the whole setup cost? As an average, the price per cubic yard of concrete is about $90, depending on the region. Also, there are associated costs like $60 per load for concrete truck delivery. To understand the total expense involved, it is imperative to understand the calculations of concrete quantities.

The Calculation

how many yards in a concrete truck

The most common calculation that builders undertake is as follows:

  • Width is multiplied with length to find the square feet.
  • Next, multiply the result of Step 1 with the depth to ascertain the cubic feet.
  • Now divide the result of Step 2 by 27 to find the cubic feet in the cubic yard.

But this formula may not be applicable for all types of projects because the calculations depend on the structure that needs to be built.

Types Of Projects And Their Cost

Small Projects

Talking about small projects, this can include small repairs or pouring up steps or even putting up a couple of fences. These kinds of projects are best handled with premixed bags of concrete. The primary reason for using premixed bags is because of the price of each bag of the mixture. They are reasonably priced which makes it easier to procure and transfer to the destinations.

Generally, you will find 2 variants of premixed bags that are available in the market. These are 90-pound bags and 60-pound bags. The price of these bags usually ranges around $1.30 to $1.80 per bag for the 60-pound variant. And for the 90-pound variant, it ranges between $2 to $2.30. Apart from the common variants, you can also go for special mixes depending on the job at hand which has a different price.

Midsize Projects

Projects which can be considered midsize include setting up a path or patio.  A note of caution here is that using ready-mix bags for these projects is the way to go. Here you have to be careful of not trying to choose premix bags and not mix them yourself simply for the economical aspect of the project.


For example, if you have a patio of the size 10 ft X 10 ft X 6 inch then the volume of concrete required here is close to 1.85 cubic yards, including the waste. Always remember that a 60-pound bag will provide for 1 cubic foot yield, meaning around 100 bags will be required for the project. Here if you try to mix the concrete yourself, then the chance of it setting before you can mix and dump it would be higher. This will lead to the low quality of finish which is never desired and the burden of cost will be significant.

Large Project

Just like the mid-size projects, the ready-mix is the best choice for large projects as well. Taking the above example then, to procure the materials, a total of 100 bags of 60-pound variants will cost somewhere between $135 to $180.

Additionally, a mixer will be required whose rent will be between $40-$60. From an economic standpoint, every cubic yard here will cost around $65. Moreover, any fully loaded cement truck will contain around 10 cubic yards of concrete. Add to that the short loads will cost you between $15-$20 additionally for each cubic yard which is less than the full load.

So, the total cost will come somewhere around $295. This will include $130 for the ready mix. It includes the purchase of 2 cubic yards for the example where the volume required is 1.85 cubic yards.

Additionally for the short loads, it will cost around $135. Lastly, an extra $30 will be required to take care of fees such as sales tax, environmental fees, etc.

To complete this project, the ready mix will cost $55 to $120 over the premixed bags. Remember, the location of buying the bag and renting the mixer also plays an important part to assess the total cost. But the important thing here is that the entire project can be completed in a day with a good finish. So ready mix here will not only reduce the work but also reduces the overall cost.

Useful Apps To Calculate Expenses

Concrete Mix Design and Concrete Calculator

This is an all in one app which comes with different functionalities. Some of the functionalities include the calculation of the premix bags required for the project. Also calculate the sand, cement, and aggregate quantities in the concrete.

Moreover, here you get the option of setting the size as well as the rate of the premix bags. You will also be able to calculate the volume of concrete required for features like footings, columns, slabs, and walls. The app has a lot more features that are worth your time.

Concrete Calculator

The reason for the popularity of this app is the fact that internet connection is not required for its functioning. Moreover, the app is free and does not charge anything. Among other features, you can calculate the weight of rebar, bricks count, etc to give you the best results at a faster speed than other apps.

Concrete Pro

This app is a must for Apple users as it enables them to assess the amount of concrete required to build features like walls, slabs, etc. Moreover, the app supports metric and imperial units. Here the results are available in cubic yards. Additionally, the app allows built-in conversions wherein you can edit and mix different units as per your calculations. Here you can set the concrete price to get constant estimates and share them over an email with a click of a button.


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