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Hotel With Truck Parking Near Me


The job of a truck driver is hectic and challenging. A truck driver can be on the road for several days at a stretch, which makes it very difficult. There are multiple factors that the drivers could be worked up with.

For instance, they could be worried about delivering the goods to the destination, first and foremost. Secondly, finding the right area and address is another point of concern. Another issue could be the stress of driving non-stop for so many hours.

With all these issues and more, the truck drivers take a stop every day to rest and be fresh for the next morning’s journey. This is where the tricky part lies.

Where can a truck driver rest at night, while having their truck parked? One common solution is making use of a sleeping bench along the road. But this is a rather difficult option. It would mean being uncomfortable outside, while constantly worrying about the truck.

So, the more practical option here is looking for a hotel. But there is a criterion to be followed. All hotels will not suit the drivers since they need space to park their trucks. Thus, there are hotels found along highways and truck routes that have enough space to accommodate parking trucks. These could prove to be useful for those long road trips transporting goods to different places across the country.

Features Of A Good Truck Parking Hotel

There might be several different hotels on the highway for truck drivers to rest and spend the night. But some typical characteristics could distinguish a particular hotel from the others in the vicinity. Here are some factors that could help the truckers choose a hotel.


Safety is key to any place to stay. This is something that all truck drivers will look out for while choosing a resting hotel. When they stay the night in this place of lodging, the least they would expect is for themselves and their trucks to stay untouched and safe. The environment of the hotel thus proves to be important in this regard.


This is yet another important actor for the truckers while deciding on a place of stay. More often than not, the trucks are driven on the highways in the late hours at night. Thus, when the drivers look for a hotel, they would prefer something that is close to the main highway and is easily accessible.

Otherwise, it becomes rather difficult for them to go about searching for places off the main roads. It is never feasible for them to go one mile into the interiors to reach the hotel. Thus, the closer the hotels are to the main road, the more accessible they are.


There might be many hotels on the road, but not all of those can accommodate trucks for parking. And the drivers do not always have the time or energy to enquire in every lodging facility about this. Thus, hotels that have advertisements put up along the highway can attract more attention. It makes it easier for the truck drivers since they now know which way to head and can easily reach their destination without any problems.

Another good option for the hotels to increase their visibility amongst the drivers is to have the parking space in front, near the main road. When the drivers see other trucks parked in there, they will be more likely to hit those places first.


Apart from the factors above, the truckers are more likely to choose a hotel that has all the basic amenities in the facility. This could mean proper lodging and food options. These do not necessarily have to be of extremely high standards, but the basic facilities will serve the purpose. On the other hand, other facilities like having a laundromat, gaming areas, truck wash zones, make these hotels stand out.


Needless to mention, but when hotels offer some discounts or complimentary services to the truck drivers, they are keener on staying in these facilities.

These are some of the points on the truck drivers’ checklist for reaching the right hotel with truck parking facilities.

Best Hotels With Truck Parking In The United States

The USA is known for its long highways and trucks are a common feature in each of these roadways. Irrespective of which state you are in, you will always find some good and practical hotels to rest for the night and park your trucks safely.

While most of these hotels prove to be useful, some are especially popular across the country. And when you are driving around these places, you could make a stop and enjoy these lodging facilities.

Iowa 80

Better known as a ‘Trucker’s Disneyland’, this hotel has been serving trucks since 1964. It has all the luxuries you could crave for while driving for long hours. Apart from the food and lodging facilities, you could try out the fitness centers, truck wash areas, laundromats, medical facilities, and the likes.

Little America Travel Center

Originating from Wyoming, this is a chain of truck stops and hotels across the US now. It can accommodate more than 150 trucks on its parking premises. The hotel in Wyoming is rather comfortable, with a large convenience store to fulfill your shopping needs.

Whiskey Pete’s

Being around 40 miles south of Vegas, this truck stop is perfect for staying the night, while enjoying some gambling activities. This provides a nice break to the truckers from their long driving schedules. Also, you could try out the eateries on the premises.

Sapp Bros

This interesting truck stop in Nebraska gives you the feels of a luxury hotel. Prompt customer service is one of the highlights of this truck driver’s hotel.

These are some of America’s most famous hotels with truck parking. Most of them offer a lot of facilities and amenities, to not only stay the night but also relax after a tiring day of work.

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