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Headset vs Headphone




Headset vs Headphones

First of we will look at the prime features of an Headset. Secondly, the features of an headphone. Lastly, Why people prefer one over the other a real battle Headset vs Headphones

Visual difference

One way you can differentiate between the two is that a headset comes with an attached mic. On the other hand, a headphone comes with only a pair of headphones the mic is absent here.

Sound Quality

Among the two types of devices, headphones take the cake when it comes to sound quality. Since they are made mainly for one function, they produce great sound quality.


In case, you are looking for communication rather than entertainment, headsets are the best choice.

List of the best headsets in the market

Headset A20 aviation

The headset is designed to have 30 percent more noise reduction ability than other headsets. It is comfortable, stable and produces good sound quality. One of the top on the planet and most expensive ones.

BlueParrott C400-XT

It is one of the leading headset designs that have 96 percent noise reduction. Even in the most outrageous sound one can experience high-quality voice calls using the headphone. It makes it one absolute headphone choice there is.

You can wear this headset for long hours and it won’t hurt your ear. Apart from that, it has a long-range which lets you walk around comfortably while talking. Additional to these features the headset is customizable with AI assistants.

Blueparrot B450-XT

Another good headset design from a Blue parrot which has similar features to the previous one except for the customization. Instead of customization facilities, it hands hand free features. So, while you are working you don’t have to leave your work and focus on the headset.

List of the best headphones in the market


The device has a high-quality built-in microphone with NFC technology that will support you for 30 hours straight. The ears cups can be rotated 90 degrees and it keeps your ear warm and comfortable.

Sony WH-CH700N

It comes with installed AI that runs on voice command. Hence you can use it hands-free at your own comfort. The battery life can support you for 35 hours long. Apart from all these cool traits, it has noise- canceling which will give you a quality music experience.

beyerdynamic T1

The headphone has amazing sound quality. It will change your experience with music quality completely. One of the top on the market thanks to its tesla technology and workmanship rich in detail for dedicated sound pros

Final words

After comparing all the headsets, it seems Blueparrot B450-XT gives you good quality voice calls for 24 hours non stop. The stand by mode can go on for 500 hours per recharge. For people who need headsets regularly, it is a great choice that costs $150 only.

Although both the Blueparrot products are similar, this one has a hand free feature which is great for using it while working.

Now let us compare the headphones we have discussed. Among all the headphones Sony WH-CH700Nis the only one that is installed with AI technology. It can support you for a longer time, hand free and voice assistance put it on top of the other devices in the market. You can get this headphone at only $89.

So, to buy a new device you need to see which one you need what will you be using it for gaming working or just listen to music . Headphones vs headset, after all the winner is what you need it for only can make the decision


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