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Freight Trucks


freight trucks

You are going to read all about Freight trucks here. We’v seen them on roads, been amazed by their sheer enormousness. And at least once wondered what these huge trucks must be carrying. There are many more wonders and interesting stuff to know about these seemingly boring modes of transport. Let's dig in deeper.

Freight Trucks

What Is A Cargo Truck?

Cargo truck is technically defined as any mode of transport that is used for transporting goods over a distance be it short or long. They are specifically designed to carry heavy loads and have a large percentage of their body reserved for storage of goods. The word literally means goods transported in bulk. So when a truck transports some type of goods, it naturally becomes a freight truck.

Freight trucks are also most commonly known as simply trucks or lorries. They are motor vehicles equipped with high powered engines and machinery to transport goods. Freight trucks can be grouped into a similar category of vehicles like trailers and tractors but stand out distinct due to their specific usage.

Freight trucks come in different types and capacities. Most cargo trucks run on diesel engines while you can also find several petrol and gas-based trucks too.

Freight trucks are known for their very sturdy body, powerful gears, and load balancing capabilities.

Freight truck is actually an umbrella term for a wide range of vehicles used in freight shipping. A simple pickup truck the size of an automobile or car as well as huge trailers that can carry tons of loads are all coined by the term freight trucks.

Freight trucks can carry any kind of goods ranging from clothes, food, toys, cars, tools, mails, and even smaller trucks. They are the most popular mode through which any goods commercial or otherwise are transferred on land and road transport.

Evolution Of Transportation Trucks

Transportation  trucks started being mainstream during the 1930s when businesses started transporting their goods by trucks and semi-trailers. The ancestor to today's freight trucks were semi-trailers invented back in the 1890s by one Alexander Winton, a car maker in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a simple combination of a motor carriage to a cart. They soon picked up popularity and have been continually evolving with advanced technologies and better designs.

With the improvement of highways and roads trucks have quickly surpassed the railways. In fact, they have become the largest mode of transport for commercial shipping in countries all over the world. While railways offer cheaper ways to transport larger loads, they lack the flexibility that trucks provide.

Freight trucks are able to make deliveries to specific locations. because of that, there are quite a lot of different varieties of trucks. These differences are all depending on the terrain and load capacities. This has made freight trucks the favorite choice for commercial shipping, mining, and short distance deliveries.

They make it possible for business owners to reach any part of the nation via roadways and to remote destinations with difficult terrain. About 70% of all freight transport in the US happens via trucks. Freight trucks have become an essential part of the economy.

Types of Freight Trucks

 As mentioned earlier, freight trucks vary in size, their engine models, storage capabilities, the purpose of use and many more factors.

Here are some types of trucks based on their specific purpose.

  • Refrigerated trucks

These merchandise  trucks are used for the transport of food and perishable items. Especially, those that require careful maintenance of temperature during transportation. They have closed containers with specific temperature control mechanisms. These trucks rather go by a shorter nick name called reefer trucks

Flatbed trucks

Flatbed trucks are simpler in construction having just a driver's cabin attached to an open flatbed carrier that allows for carrying a wide range of loads. Extra measures may have to be taken to ensure the goods are in place. They provide an easy way to load and unload goods.

Box trucks

Box trucks have a closed container attached to the driver's cabin. Also known as cube trucks these are usually smaller than flatbeds. Therefore, theyare used for pickups, home shifting and sometimes by mail courier services for making deliveries.

  • Liftgate trucks

These trucks have a hydraulic or mechanical lift at the rear end of the truck allowing for easy loading and unloading of goods.

  • Semi-trailers

Semi-trailers are the common image people associate when it comes to freight trucks as they are the most popular type of freight trucks used. They are best suited for items stored in stacks.

  • Step deck trucks

These are similar to flatbeds except they have decks varying in height where one is at a lower level closer to ground. It is designed in such a way to reduce truck height.


Tankers are trucks that carry liquids like water or fuel in a cylindrical shape storage unit.

  • Jumbo trailers

When a trailer has a huge capacity in the range of tons, it is called a jumbo trailer. These are spacious and light weight to allow for the transport of big goods.


So this was all about freight trucks. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.


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