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Freight Transportation


Freight transportation is one of the most important concepts in the world of goods transportation. This basically refers to the idea of transporting goods and commodities by different modes of transport. It includes the end-to-end process of transporting cargo from one point to another.


Modes of freight transportation

freight transportation


Airfreight transportation

This is the fastest mode of transportation. This is usually the primary option for transporters when they are working under a stiff deadline. However, the one big disadvantage here is that it is the most expensive mode as well. Thus, it becomes difficult for a lot of transporters to avail of this facility. Also, another difficulty could be caused by changing weather conditions. This has the potential of changing transit times and situations drastically.

Rail freight transportation

This is another mode of transportation for cargo across regions. This is a more affordable form of transport. Also, this is more accessible in different cities, both big and small. Rail freight transportation proves to be really handy when it comes to transporting heavy goods. This significantly eases the whole process. However, the transit time could be quite the pain. This is the reason why rail transportation is most ideal when the transporters are not chasing tight deadlines.

Road freight transportation

This is the most easily available medium for freight transport. Not only is this readily available, but it is also the most inexpensive mode. Once again, this works the best without a pressing deadline. The routes can vary for different trips. Hence, this mode of freight transportation can actually produce different transit times for the same set of pickup and drop locations. This is also hugely affected by changing weather conditions. The harsh weather could actually delay transportation. In addition, road conditions play an important role as well.


Ocean freight transportation

When it comes to cargo shipment, this is one of the most inexpensive modes. Who actually uses this form of transport? This caters to international shippers who do not have strict deadlines to follow. This is because this form of freight transportation offers a huge transit time. The one advantage here is that it can accommodate large volumes of goods stored in large containers for transit. However, weather fluctuations and the occurrence of tropical storms, hurricanes and the likes, could gravely affect these sea travels. This medium of transport remains unavailable for most days with these weather irregularities.

These are broadly the different kinds of freight transportation available. Each of these different modes of freight transportation has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For any transporter, the correct mode of transit should be based on several factors, like the urgency of the deadline, the fragility of the goods in question, weather and road conditions, the budget for the transport, and the likes. And with the advance of technology, freight transportation has become increasingly easier with tools and apps at the disposal of the transportation companies and the merchants.

Freight tracking

Keeping a track of your shipment is the need of the hour. With the advancement of technology tracking your freight has become easier. The best way to do so is with the help of various apps available in the market.

Some of the best freight tracking apps to help us out are as follows:

The reason for this particular app becoming popular among shippers is the fact it can track around 400 international delivery companies. Moreover, it allows the shippers to be notified by sending out push notifications. Another factor that makes it attractive is the real-time update. In addition, it also extracts the package delivery details which eases the overall workload. The current status also tells us about the active shipments which are present in the main interface. Lastly, the shippers can check the details of shipments along with the details of the service provider.

It is one of the popular tracking apps and provides users with a lot of options. For starters, it allows the user to customize and give them sorting options. It also enables the user with the facility to archive orders as well as route maps. We all like after sales service and that is what you get with Package Tracker Pro. You can contact them through this website and also post a comment for any concern we might have. Finally, it should be noted that this app gives the user the option to change the shipping address along with real time tracking.

What sets this app apart is the versatility it provides to the users. It is apt for parcels that are sent to the remotest corners because it is known to deliver to 550 postal codes which spans across 200 countries. It also gives the option to customize. Here the shipper gets the option to choose how often they want to be notified about the shipments. It has united with 500 postal service providers and couriers which gives it access to a lot of areas. This app can calculate the estimated date of delivery which keeps the user updated about the shipments.


Where did the word come from?

It is obvious to ask where the word comes from and the answer is a simple one. If we break the work in two, then it becomes clearer. Freight here means cargo and merchandised goods. And transporting it can be constituted as the process of shipping these goods. Together they unite to allow potential shippers to transport the goods from one place to the other, preferably by land.

Why America includes land transport in the category of freight

Given that shipments are transported in many ways in the US but when it comes to freight transportation, land transport plays an important role. The reason for this is the vast numbers of trucks which transport goods to different corners of the US. Of the total shipments, around 60% are ferried by trucks. It is said to trump over railways with the sheer number of vehicles available.

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