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Entry-Level Truck Driver Jobs For Newbies


The job of a trucker is a pretty lucrative one even for amateurs. The need of the hour for the newbies is to have a proper idea of how the industry works and also which company fits their requirement.

Here are some tips which can be followed to find the right trucker job if you are a newbie.

Rumours Are Rumours


truck driver jobIn a lot of cases, you tend to skip over prospective jobs because you have heard negative reviews of a place. Most of these reviews are found out to be rumors at a later stage. If you come across any such false information, then it is prudent to find out the veracity of them.

A lot of these reviews come from disgruntled employees who had a fallout with the company; so it is normal for them to vent out. The tip is to not let their words fool you, so do your own background check.

Entry-level truck driver jobs Because No Experience, No Job

This is perhaps one long-standing myth because it isn’t true. Drivers who are looking to start in the trucking industry will always have an opportunity to do so. It is often said that if a newbie has a CDL and no relevant experience, then they will not get a job. This is untrue because there are a lot of companies that hire new drivers without any prior experience.

On the other hand, indeed, truckers who don’t have relevant experience might not get a job that they prefer. Also, lack of experience might impact the pay they will get on these jobs but it doesn’t mean they will not get a job at all.

Research, Don’t Regret

It is normal to be excited about a new job if you get it but take time before putting pen to paper. The idea is to not sign up with a company without doing your research about the firm and the job. There have been instances when people have regretted signing up for a company without doing proper checks.

The only friend you have in this fight is your good old Google. Whatever the question may be, ask Google and wait for it to weave its virtual wand to give you accurate results.

Situation Is Important

When we talk about a situation, it is referred to as the current state of our records. Some of the newbie drivers might have issues with their MVR or even have felonies and are trying to turn over a new leaf. So it is a good idea to look for companies who are willing to give them a shot.

Here as well, the onus falls on you to send out applications to all the prospective employers and wait it out.

The Program for Entry-level truck driver jobs

It is normal for truckers to have a goal or aim in life. For example, someone might want to be a mover while someone might want to get into leasing. Therefore, they need to look for a company that will, in some way, fulfill their aspirations. So, make sure to set out your priorities straight from the beginning and focus on them.

Where Is The Terminal

Terminal, in terms of trucking linguistics, is the place we park our trucks. This is a must if you belong to the class of new truck drivers. You need to find a terminal near our home because you wouldn’t want to park our trucks in a place which is a 3-hour drive both ways from our home. So finding a terminal near our home is a top priority.

Also, there is another advantage of having a terminal nearby. They can have contracts that are local, which means you will have runs that will be defined and dedicated. In effect, you will not be required to be on the road for weeks and get to be with your family more often.

Jobs You Prefer

The next thing a newbie trucker needs to take a note of is the kind of job they will get. In trucking life, there are 2 types of jobs primarily, over the road jobs and local jobs.

The over-the-road jobs might take you out for weeks while local jobs will keep you close to home. The type of job will also have an impact on the pay; so, choosing the right one is an important consideration to make.

Entry-level truck driver jobs Just Apply For The Right Positions

The position here refers to the experience required by a company for a trucker. Thanks to technology, some apps allow truckers to fill out applications for different trucking jobs. If you are looking for jobs for newbies, then you shouldn’t go for a job which requires 2 or more years of experience.

Look for jobs that require less experience and suit your profile. Remember, companies can be unpredictable because you never know if they will hire you even without the required experience.

Driver School Payments

For a new trucker, it is music to the ears if the employer tells them that they will pay for your driving school. And there are indeed companies like CR England who pay for driving lessons of their new truckers.

However, for some companies, it comes with a caveat like the truckers will have to work for them for a year or so. Irrespective of the conditions, this is a good idea as fees for the driving school might be high.

Get Your Dream Job!

Here are some of the best companies in business for a new truck driver to land your first job.

  • CR England
  • Swift Transportation
  • Prime Inc
  • Schneider
  • PAM

Getting a job for a new truck driver might seem hard but if you look carefully, then it is not unachievable. All you need to do is conduct research diligently as well as look for the right jobs!

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