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If one has been in the freight industry for a long time, then they are bound to come across Central Freight Lines. A company, which has an old and rich history, has been helping people who need to move their shipments for a long time. One thing which sets it apart is how well it allows the customers to track their shipments with the Central Freight TRacking Super System.

People often say that Central Freight Tracking dates back as early as the start of the trucking industry itself. The company provides an end to end solution when it comes to freight tracking.

Central Freight Lines works extensively throughout central United States which is why it has established a footprint in the region. It has adequate infrastructure which allows the company to have the required sustainability it needs to cater to its vast customer pool.

Also, the company boasts of having the financial solvency to deliver the shipments of large enterprises from all kinds of businesses including distribution, manufacturing, and retail.

For companies that are looking to streamline their business, Central Freight Lines provides them the option of pool distribution. This allows businesses to introduce a more efficient approach in their operations.

The other reason why shippers choose Central Freight is that it is focused on providing its customers' safety to their shipments. It takes relevant safety measures to keep in line with the safety regulations for the employees to provide good quality service to its customers.

Why is Central so popular among the customers? Let us look at some of the features which have brought it to the forefront of the freight shipping business.

What Makes Central Freight Tracking The Best Freight Tracking Company?

  • Area covered

Central plies mostly in central parts of the USA. This has allowed the company to successfully cater to some of the big enterprises in the region. But it also can provide services to other regions owing to its optimum network.

Thanks to this, it has strategic regional distribution stops around southern California, Texas or Atlanta. In recent times, Central has also opened doors to the southern part of the country and can be safely called the coast to coast service provider. For example, between Miami and Los Angeles, the company has a network of 80 terminals.

  • Reduced paperwork

The company takes the environment seriously which is why it is moving to a paperless culture. Keeping in line with this approach, the customers are given the option to receive an auto-generated email notification for pickup and delivery. This helps them to track their shipment efficiently and in real-time.

Moreover, the customers also have the option to receive invoices emailed to them which are ACH payment of invoices. This initiative helps the company to improve the security of the customers and at the same time reduce unnecessary paperwork effectively.

  • On-time services

Central is known for its on-time delivery, something we can see on the homepage of the company. With this company, the customers have different options like Guaranteed Services as well as expedited options which includes Priority One products and Simply Guaranteed.

The Guaranteed options allow the customers to receive their products by Noon or 5 PM and if they don’t, then Central Freights will let go 100% of the freight charges excluding any accessory charges.

  • Claim Ratio

The company has a claim ratio of 0.80 % and is well below the national average. The reason behind this is the regular employee training to let them know of the best practices to be followed. They have incorporated it in every aspect of the job which is why they have such a low claim ratio.

Also, the company has invested in new and advanced equipment such as load bars, load tables, and dunnage. This has substantially reduced the chances of potential damage and helped in maintaining the low claim ratio.

But Central Freight has much more to offer to its customers apart from the above features. The heart of any freight company is the fleet it has and the technological advances it has made. Therefore, let us look at what the customers are in for when they decide to partner up with Central.

Fleet Structure and Technological Advancement:

  • Total Count

The company has a strong fleet of 5000 trailers, delivery trucks, and tractors. The company is constantly increasing its fleet strength to cater to its coast to coast customers.

  • Special Equipment

This includes the purchase of 100 new freightliner tractors which have bolstered the fleet. These tractors have been fitted with front end crash mitigation technology as well as a lane departure warning system. Combined, these technologies reduce the chances of accidents drastically. Also, Kinedyne trailers and lift gate trucks are found at every terminal to assist in various operations. Lastly, Central has trailers that are specially designed to transport pipes and rods for oilfield operations.

  • CNG Carriers

Like other freight companies, it has a strong fleet of diesel tractors. But unlike its competitors, it has a dedicated fleet that runs on compressed natural gas or CNG tractors. These heavy-duty tractors are running on clean CNG which has helped the company to reduce its carbon footprint. They are also the first fleet of LTL which is successfully using CNG to run their operations and taking care of the environment.

  • CNG Fuelling Stations

To help their CNG fleets, Central has opened CNG refueling stations at different places. These fuelling stations are located in Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio. It is also open to the public and has been encouraging them to switch to clean fuel instead.

  • Web Services

Central has moved from the traditional paper approach and has invested in web services for rate quotes, pick-up requests and shipment status. It believes in allowing the customers to be able to track their shipments in real-time. It has also improved its transport technology for the benefit of the truckers and shippers. Moreover, it also provides customized reports to the customers as per their convenience. Overall Central has achieved strong EDI capabilities which makes it technologically sound.


As we conclude, Central Freight Lines have been able to shift towards a more technologically active company. It has also made sure to be ethical and have taken steps to be proactive towards the environment which is evident with their move towards CNG tractors.


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