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Best Way To Find Freight Broker Job


The job of a freight broker is not only one of the most challenging ones, but it is also very adventurous. It is one of the most important jobs, since freight transportation is common across every corner of the globe.

But what does a freight broker job actually do? They basically form a bridge or liaison between the shippers and the carriers. They also engage in a transaction where they pair up carriers with their potential customers. This is not restricted to that alone.

The job of a freight broker ranges from marketing for getting leads, converting them into customers, processing orders and following up. This includes a lot sales and marketing skills for this job. You got the skills! Is there really a best way to find freight broker job?

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What Is The Best Way To Find Freight Broker Job ?

Getting hired as a freight broker is not the hardest thing to do. But there is a small checklist to follow for this purpose. Here are some ideas:

  1. Get proper training

It is best to get yourself trained by someone who has been a freight broker before you. This gives you good exposure and idea into what this job field entails. It also helps the brokers gather confidence going into this field of work. Apart from that, there are online courses and training that you could engage into for being hired as a freight broker.

  1. Make a list of freight partners

Before applying for the job of a freight broker, it is important to make a list of potential partners. You could start with the locals and the smaller companies to get some experience and go up the ladder with time.

  1. Update LinkedIn profile

Like every other profession, maintaining a proper LinkedIn profile can increase your chances of getting hired as a freight broker. This includes all the qualifications and experience in their career.

  1. Contact potential partners

Looking up potential freight partners and getting in touch with them could give the freight broker aspirants a heads-up in the process.

  1. Freight community

Finally, another idea to increases your chances is to build relations within the freight broker community and get leads to a good potential partner.

Career Prospects of a Freight Broker

What are the prospects of a freight broker? How do they make money? How much do they really earn?

Since the broker acts as a middleman, they make a profit from either the client or the freight partner. For instance, if they act as a broker for the client, they charge an amount X from them. This includes an amount Y which they pay to the carrier of the freight partner. The difference in the amounts of X and Y actually generates a profit for the broker. And this is how they make money.

The salary that a freight broker draws depends on a number of factors. Location is one of the primary deciding factors in this regard. For instance, a freight broker in Dallas makes an annual earning of $55,000. On the other hand, the counterpart in Kansas City makes $45,000 a year. However, considering the commission generated from such a job, the annual earnings could go way past $70,000! In addition, this number goes up once your have your own freight broker company.

How To Become A Good Freight Broker?

While education and proper qualifications are important for a freight broker, here are some ideas that could help you sharpen your skills.

  • Gain proper industry experience

You could do this by either working as a truck loader or driver in a freight company for a while or working in logistics in big companies. This gives you sufficient industry knowledge.

  • Financial analysis

Even though it is relatively less expensive to set up a freight broking business, it is best to have a proper financial cost analysis done. More often than not, a computer and a phone are sufficient to get started.

  • Licensing

All freight brokers in the United States of America need to comply by some federal rules and regulations. For this, special licensing requirements are in order. It is best to get this licensing done in order to become a good broker.

  • Learn about the bond and trust requirements

The US also establishes a bond or trust with the freight broker, as part of the licensing requirements. This protects the customers in case the federal regulations are not met. Understanding the $75,000 bond is important for any freight broker.

  • Steady communication system

Maintaining a good communication system is key for any good freight broker. This means keeping all the channels of communication active in order to interact with freight partners and clients.

  • Technology

Freight brokers now have a lot of technology at their disposal. One example of this would be the availability of multiple apps. These could form a liaison across multiple stakeholders. Also, conducting business analytics operations and the likes could also prove to be useful.

  • Marketing methods

The freight broking business is a rather competitive one. Every year, a fresh set of licensed brokers make their entry into the market. Hence, keeping pace with the competition, it is best to be a step ahead of the others. For this purpose, adopting marketing strategies could prove beneficial. Email marketing, social media messaging, online commercials are some aspects of this whole process.

  • Multimodal broker

If you can engage in multiple different freight or transportation methods, you are a an advantage. This includes providing rail transportation, air freight, water freight, road transportation across trucks and vans, and other services to the clients.

How To Present Yourself As A Freight Broker To An Employer?

Is this really the best way to find freight broker job? Well, If you are looking to get yourself hired as a freight broker, you would be expected to present yourself in a certain way to the employer. But in order to know that, you would have to start with what an employer looks for in a good freight broker. Here are some traits of a good freight broker:

  • Self motivation is key to a good broker. This helps the broker through both the good and bad phases of the business.
  • A good freight broker has a strategic mind set. This ensures that they work through different phases of the freight business.
  • Result-oriented people tend to become better freight brokers.
  • Another trait to have in a freight broker is to be customer-centric. Since this business is entirely based on customer handling and relationships, this trait is a must for every broker.
  • Being proactive is good in this business in order to cater to operational changes. For instance, if a truck breaks down in the middle of the road, you would have to have a Plan B ready.
  • A good freight broker is also expected to be decisive. Prioritizing tasks and being quick on the heels to decide are important qualities.
  • Freight brokers are also expected to be good communicators. Since communication and client interaction are the heart of this job, this proves to be a useful trait and is often the deciding factor for the employers.
  • Finally, you cannot make a good freight broker if you are not flexible enough. This caters to a lot of aspects. Firstly, a broker should be able to handle different tasks at the same time since this is a busy business. Secondly, being flexible with time is also important. It is not a 9 to 5 job and it requires working odd hours for proper transportation. So, you got the skills and you know the best way to find freight broker job. hat are you waiting for?

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