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Best Trucker GPS Apps


We indeed have strong GPS systems at present. But rarely are they suited for the purpose of truck navigation. These large vehicles are unable to take sharp turns as smoothly as other cars. This is why a truck-specific GPS system proves to be the most useful tool for a driver. Here are some of the best trucker GPS apps available.

Some of the best trucker GPS apps online



Trucker Path Pro

This is one of the best trucker gps apps available in the Android and Apple store! Basically, it acts as a repository of all the tricks and tips of all truckers.

Do you want to know where to park in a particular area? Do you want to know the best GPS route to a stop? This app has it all. Besides, it also has a notification system by which brokers get to know when the trucks are offloaded.

Dat Truckers 

Dat Trucker is yet another GPS app that is ideal for truck drivers and operators. Whatever information you need on the go, you have it in one platform alone. How does this work? You need to find the closest truck stop.

All you need to do is open the app and based on your GPS data, you get a list of stops. In addition, you can sort the list based on distance, parking spaces and the likes. Also, the facility to find trucker-friendly hotels makes this app all the more useful!


This app makes it easy for professional truckers on the road. The idea was to provide truck drivers with smooth driving experience. This is a subscription-based routing service that lets the truckers choose the best possible route, save on time, find the nearest gas stations and the likes, based on GPS data collected.

Navigation has been made easy in a way such that voice-guided instructions are given to the driver for reaching their destination. Also, the routes are specified based on the size and dimensions of the vehicle. Even though this is a paid tool, using the app during certain hours has been made free of cost.

Co Pilot

This particular app can make sure that the drivers can actually get the best possible route between the starting point and the destination. Not only does this app provide effective navigation for the truckers with clear directions, but it also makes offline maps available to the users.

This driver-friendly GPS system has been approved and appreciated by over 16 million truckers, all thanks to its host of in-app features!


Sygic acts as one of the most trusted navigation apps. The maps in this app are extremely accurate with first-class routing services. This app provides a premium app to the truck drivers such that the routes are catered to the size and type of trucks.

The Nest Steps

These personalized routing services prove to be very useful for the truckers. Real-time traffic information is provided based on GPS system. Millions of truck drivers, across the globe, make use of tracker apps to streamline their routes. So, what are your views on this? What is your best pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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