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Armored Truck Robberies


Last year, around November, in the state of Colorado, an armored truck belonging to Brinks was robbed at gunpoint. Subsequently, the driver of the truck was fired but this wasn’t the first time a Brinks armored truck was robbed. It is not just Brinks whose armored truck has been stolen. In the past, there have been cases of armed truck robberies, ranging from trucks carrying cash to antiques. And over time, the robbers have become good at their job using sophisticated and innovative methods to execute their missions and cause maximum damage.

What Are Armored Trucks?

armored truck robberies

Armored trucks are vehicles that are used primarily to transport valuables like money to various companies, as well as banks. There is a good chance that you have seen a small truck which may look like an army truck standing in front of banks, and security personnel taking out boxes from it and transferring it in the bank. These vehicles are called armored trucks. The way they are designed is in line to deter any attempt of robbery.

What Makes Them Special?

The reason for using armored trucks is to provide security. These trucks are entrusted with carrying gold bars, money, antiques, and other valuable materials that are always vulnerable and can be stolen. To prevent that, armored trucks are designed to withstand attempts of robbery.

The trucks are, in most cases, bulletproof, which helps the driver and security personnel to fend off gunshots. Moreover, these trucks can withstand heat to a certain limit as well. That means if a low-intensity bomb is placed near it or there is an attempt of starting a fire on the van, then it can also withstand it.

As for the windshield of the vehicle, this is also bulletproof which gives a greater degree of safety to the drivers. These cars can take shots from most handguns and rifles. But they do become vulnerable if armor-piercing ammunition is used against them. The reason these trucks and vans are so strong is that the degree of protection provided to these cars is the same as that of army vehicles.

Armored Truck Robberies: Who Protects The Car And Valuables?

The answer to this question is simple and it depends on the jurisdiction where the cars are deployed. In normal situations, the car is manned by 2 to 3 people. 1 driver is present in the vehicle whose job is to drive and remain in the vehicle at all times. He can only leave once the vehicle is back in the garage. Apart from that, there will be around 2 guards whose job is to safeguard the valuables and deliver them safely.

In terms of being armed, it will depend on the jurisdiction again. In some places, the guards are equipped with handguns while in others, they can possess shotguns. This means that guards here have to go through firearms training to use them correctly. Moreover, they are also trained to remain calm if they encounter adverse situations. In some places, guards are also required to wear helmets for protection.

Who Are The Robbers?

Here is a look at the concept of armored truck robberies, from the perspective of the robbers.

The Players

Putting a finger on a particular group or type of people would be difficult. But one thing which is common between all of them is training and precision. If you watch the news and have done a bit of research on past robberies, you can sense a pattern. The psyche they have is that of a pack mentality, with one leader dictating the play and other foot soldiers doing their part in the robbery.

Planning The Robbery

If you dive into the planning stage then you will see that one key aspect of planning is reconnaissance. Now in army language, it is to vet the surroundings of areas that will be attacked or protected. But for armored truck robberies, it refers to tracking the path of the vehicle.

The importance of this stage is that it helps the robbers understand the path the armored truck takes regularly for delivery. Thanks to this step, a pattern can be found which helps the robbers find out the weak spots. These weak spots are the areas the vehicle is vulnerable and can be attacked with high chances of success.

Training For The Robbery

Next stage of armored truck robberies is the training that goes around in executing the armored truck robbery. These robbers need to be well trained to execute else they would be caught. Here, very often, it is found that these robbers had prior military or semi-military training. This training not only prepares the robbers to overwhelm the security personnel in the car but also make tactical decisions. Tactical decisions during a robbery can give the robbers an advantage or disadvantage depending upon prior experience.


Unlike old western movies, new age robbers have advanced weaponry to rob an armored truck. As they are well aware of the capabilities of the armored truck, robbers have switched from handguns to semi-automatic or automatic weapons.

Some of the professional robbers even have armor-piercing rounds to stop the trucks in their tracks. Here also the robbers are getting ahead of the curve with weapons training to master them and use them effectively.

The Aftermath

The result of an armored truck can be disastrous. To start, the financial loss is huge. The armored trucks carry items whose valuation can run into millions. So, for that to get stolen, it will result in extreme financial losses. Secondly, comes the loss of reputation. If the armored truck of any company or bank gets robbed, then the investor might lose faith in them, which can have a lasting impact. Thirdly, there is a chance that the drivers and guards who were protecting the cargo might lose their jobs over these incidents. Lastly, given that both the guards and robbers have weapons on them, there is always a possibility of a loss of life in the crossfire.


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