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5 Best Cartoons About Trucks


Here are 5 Best Cartoons About Trucks that pack all the excitement of trucks. Equally, packed with neat little episodes where your kids can learn alphabets, spelling, color, coordination, organization, and many other skills.

Truck cartoons make the inner child inside us go wow! They are fun, engaging, educational, and have a lot of catchy songs and great animations. While they are popular with adults, children love them because they are natural learners. They are curious about how things work and fascinated by the big trucks that pass around their houses all day. They love picking up toy trucks at the play store, and then come home and get excited about learning how cars work.

Kids will see the stories of helpful, fun-loving trucks who go on adventures and solve the problem of others through intelligence and kindness. The best way to start teaching your kids some education content is through these cartoons.

Leo The Truck

Leo The Truck

Leo is one of the most popular kids’ shows. Because of, its popularity it makes into this list of 5 Best Cartoons About Trucks. You can find all the episodes on YouTube. Leo is a pastel blue, fun-loving truck who is very inquisitive. He spends his day learning to build different machines, and understanding how they work. Kids will have the best time watching the how-to’s of cars in the most engaging format, with colorful characters and fun storylines. Leo loves to share his fun, and you can join him on his educational journey through many fantastic episodes like –

Sing ABCD with Leo the Truck, where Leo puts a fun new spin on the classic old alphabet song. His adventure begins when he heads off to the playground to build a new train. The video teaches kids to spell out T R A I N with funny animations.

Build your kid’s curiosity by taking them through Leo’s journey, who gives a lift to a little green spider and discover all the fun little about basic science, sun, rain, and colors in a single fun-packed episode. There are many more episodes like this, geared to teach the kids new things with every little son, dance, and construction.

Stretching Trucks With Gecko’s Garage

Stretching Trucks With Gecko's Garage

Gecko is the happiest little neighborhood mechanic. He has four fantastic truck friends. Whenever his truck friends are in trouble, he finds a way to help them with quick fixes. There’s a fire truck, a bus, and a monster truck that the kids can follow in different episodes. In one of the many fun episodes, Gecko sings Bobby the Bus’s favorite song. Join Gecko and sing along the peppy lines of the wheels on the bus, which is super popular with kids.

Bobby also meets some of his friends in this series. You can follow Gecko’s garage for more educational and exciting videos like – learn colors with construction trucks at Geckos garage. Perfect for your toddler, who can run colors, mechanics of trucks, and how to make friends in one neat compilation.

Tom The Truck And His Friends

Tom The Truck And His Friends

Tom the Tow truck goes to all sorts of adventures, where he meets his friends. Charlie the Green is his friend from the construction site, who is having trouble picking up metal pipes.

Tom helps Charlie through his sadness of failing to pick up and takes him to the garage through beautiful pastures. In the garage, Tom looks for parts, and kids learn through innovative decision-making skills, the right hook which can save all the problems of Charlie.

Kids learn about truck parts like revolving dent and what a wrench looks like, and how a wrench can be used to fix up screws. You can find some easy construction toys and let the imagination of your child run free. Then the kids learn about matching correct sized headlights to the broken headlights that Charlie got.

The episodes for Tom the Truck and his Friends are available on YouTube for free, and the contents are completely safe for children, including the ads. You can happily let your kid play with Tom, while you catch up on your work.

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends


Yes Chuck, makes it in the top 5 Best Cartoons About Trucks. It is all about a cute tiny truck who has a lot of big dreams. He has lots of friends and loves to play with imagination. He believes anything is possible, and he takes his friends through adventures where he performs many tasks and builds lots of things. All the episodes end with some lessons that kids can learn and remember. Chuck works hard, plays a lot, and gets muddied. There are some very short episodes with catchy songs, highlights of what a truck can and cannot do, that will surely pique the interest of your toddler.

Kids can learn about how to deal with a bully the right way. Without feeling sad, or afraid, they share their problems amongst friends. In the end, they defeat the bully with kindness and cooperation and have a lot of fun in the process. Kids can have a safe learning experience with chuck, learn catchy tunes, and stay engaged throughout the fantastically directed episodes.

Big Truck Cartoon with Morphle!

Big Truck Cartoons with Morphle!

The best thing about Morphle cartoons is that there are lots of human characters, and they are complete stories with antagonists. The kids will be hooked from the first second. In an episode, bandits are terrorizing the city by taking away buildings through shrinking technique. And then they supersize dogs, who chase around other cards through the city. Meanwhile, Morphle drives around trying to catch and defeat the bandits through the city. She has many ideas throughout the episode. As a result, the truck changes shapes and becomes whatever it needs to solve a problem at the moment.

In the game of chase and catch, the bandits don’t even notice when Morphle has caught up with them. And then she defeats them with cleverness and fixes the problems of the city by spreading around good deeds. Morphle and Mila get praised by the city people and help others. Because of the way it teaches all the different king of trucks this makes the top of our list of 5 Best Cartoons About Trucks.

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