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12 Biggest Truck Stops In America


While we always have to find occasions to go on road trips, truckers are lucky enough to be always on road. Or, are they not? Well, to be on the road at all times is a whole different deal than just going on a road trip. Truckers have to deal with a lot through the ways, valleys, roads, and interstates. It’s definitely the truck stops in America that keep them going, serve their needs, and make them feel at home. Also, not to forget, not all truck stops are welcoming and worth visiting too. Here are the best and 12 Biggest Truck Stops In America that you shouldn’t miss on if you are trucker.

12 Biggest Truck Stops in America

Iowa 80, Walcott (Iowa)

12 biggest truck stops in America

It’s impossible to not have heard about this truck stop. The world’s biggest truck stop, Iowa 80 includes the convenience of everything that a trucker looks out for. It was founded in 1964 and now has 8 restaurants, movie theatre, barbershop, TV lounge, workout room, laundry room, trucking museum, private showers to name some.

It’s like a blessing in disguise for truckers to get it on their way. You can find Iowa 80 while traveling on I-80.

Jubitz Travel Centre, Portland

Jubitz Travel Centre, Portland

Moving on to yet another classy truck stop is this Jubitz Travel Centre in Portland, Orleans. You can find this while traveling on I-5 in Portland, Orleans.

You can find some interesting things inside this Truckstop like a movie theatre, video poker, live music on weekends, and some cheapest deals on food and movies. It also includes lounges and grills to dance and drink your hearts out.

Doesn’t that sound too fun? You can also get a chance to lounge at Portland Inn Hotel at special rates.

Little America, Flagstaff

Little America, Flagstaff

Do you love eating hamburgers? Or ice creams and good deals? Little America Truck shop in Flagstaff, Arizona has everything great for you. Closer to Grand Canyon, Little America is a great outing spot in itself. It has a convenience store, private showers, Little America Grill, resorts and exclusive driver rates to offer, vehicle service center, and much more.

Little America is definitely not so little when it comes to extending services to the truckers.

South of the Border, Hamer

12 Biggest Truck Stops In America

Not only a truck stop, but South of the Border is also a fun tourist spot. Established in the year 1949, South of the border is on I95, Dillon, South Carolina.

Apart from the truck shop offers, it also has so much more to offer. The fun attractions it includes are Reptile Lagoon (which is the biggest indoor reptile exhibit), amusement parks, golf courses, campsites, swimming pools, and a wedding chapel too. It also has an observation tower that provides an eye-catching view of South Carolina from 200 feet above the ground. On the other hand, South of the border doesn’t hold the top on the list for the amount of truck parking. Indeed, with a dirt parking lot that could fit a max of 40 trucks at best. To clarify, we rate this as the worst on the list for parking.

And not to forget the fact that it is also labeled as ‘America’s Favorite Highway Oasis’.

Trails Travel Centre, Albert Lea

Trails Travel Centre, Albert Lea

Like every other top truck shop, Trails Travel Centre is no less than a shopping center. The Trails Travel center is in Albert Lea, Minnesota, and has Pizza Hut, Dominos, 400+ parking slots, truck maintenance service center, gift store, movie theatre, CAT scale platform, Sunday chapels, best whiskeys and a lot more.

Apart from this, it provides exclusive offers to truckers too like free modern showers.

North Forty Truck Shop, Holladay

North Forty Truck Shop, Holladay

Started in the year 1982, North Forty is another blissful spot for truckers. This Holladay truck shop in Tennessee is known for its delectable food especially for its fried pies and breakfast buffet from 5 am to 11 am.

It also takes good care of truckers by providing facilities like the game room, laundromat, showers, TV room, barbers, free WiFi, and a lot more.

Whiskey Pete, Las Vegas

Whiskey Pete, Las Vegas

The only word that the mind connects to when reading Las Vegas is Casinos. Whiskey Pete’s is just 40 miles south of Vegas. This truck stop in Las Vegas, Nevada is known for extinguishing the hunger for gambling of truckers. It provides access to 40 slot machines and provides a full-on casino mood with lights and sounds.

Along with large casinos, it also includes various hotels and dining options, fast food chains, driver lounges, free Wifi, and other convenience services. Whiskey Pete is like a mini Las Vegas for truckers on road to make their journey worth a while.

Sapp Bros, Sidney

Snapp Bros, Sidney

Are you a sucker for ultra-clean bathrooms? Snapp Bros won’t disappoint you in that matter. Snapp Bros tuck stop is known for its clean bathrooms. You can also get them cleaned on-demand on a tap of a button outside each of them. Their private shower rooms also match the standard of luxury hotel rooms.

Snapp bros are also famous for its American cuisine served from its Apple Barrel restaurant. Don’t miss out on it! It has 9 travel centers and claims to provide truck serviced without an appointment.

Morris Travel Centre, Morris

Morris Travel center is yet another trucker stop that is known for its phenomenal hamburgers and RPlace Family Restaurant. It is located at 21 Romines Dr, Morris, IL 60450 and is a favorite rest stop for both truckers and travelers.

Apart from serving the best food, it also offers other sweet amenities like showers, travels tore, truck maintenance, and a walking pathway too. Sundays are for TV lounging with NFL Sunday tickets to watch football matches.

Johnson’s Corner, Loveland

Johnson’s Corner, Loveland

Johnsons’s Corner at Loveland, Colorado has been labeled with various recognitions like ‘the ten best breakfasts in the world’ and ‘top truck restaurants’ by Travel and Leisure and Food Network respectively.

Johnson’s Corner is known for its cinnamon rolls and its 15 different flavors and its bakery food at large. Apart from this, it offers various usual amenities to truckers too.

Willkomm’s Petro, Racine


Located in Racine, Wisconsin, Willkomm’s Petro has a signature restaurant Iron Skillet, OH Danish bakery, and amenities like doctor on-site, chapel, salon, movie theater, laundry, and arcades.

Petro in Raphine Virginia


Located at 2440 Raphine Rd, Raphine, VA 24472, United States, Whites travel center is the East coast biggest travel center. First, with many amenities like Barbershop, movie theater, medical center, truck repair, truck wash. Secondly, with its 640 parking spaces, there is more than enough space to cover you even when you arrive late at night. Third, there is 20 Showers available just make sure to pick up your number at the cashier. Lastly, food! there is a sit-down restaurant,  papa johns pizza, Popeyes Louisiana kitchen, caribou coffee, Burger King, c-store with hot and cold deli, and a subway restaurant.

Florida 959 Truck Stop, Davie

This truck shop in Davie, Florida won’t disappoint you when it comes to parking space and getting your fuel tank refilled. It has 450+ parking lanes and 12 fuel lanes with every other convenience service.

These were the 12 biggest truck stops in America that would change your perception towards truck stops. Staying on-road forever doesn’t feel like a bad idea anymore.




    • Paul schweitzer , if you think this is an excellent review you have more problems than the guy on crack who made this list.

      By the way sport its the 595 truckstop and south of the border has a dirtlot hellhole that might hold forty trucks.

      • Thanks a lot for your honesty. For this reason, if you ever have suggestions of some of the biggest you have been yourself please leave them in the comment spot. Certainly, we will update the list.

  1. The petro in Raphine Virginia is bigger than some of the places mention on this list.
    : It has 640 parking spaces
    : 20 showers
    : a sit down restaurant
    : papa johns pizza
    : Popeyes Louisiana kitchen
    : caribou coffee
    : Burger King
    : subway
    : a c-store with hot and cold deli
    : a barbershop and much more.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Certainly, we will make sure to add The petro in Raphine Virginia to the list.

  2. 1st of all / the truck parking at South of the Border. Where ya park. At. You can walk were they make Blenheim Ginger Ale.
    2nd of all I 77 Xit 48. In SC / Great Falls / Winnsboro. The Shell ts. Holds about 125 trucks. N has a killer breakfast. Without hurting your wallet

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